Already missing my SUNRISERS HYDERABAD Cricket team as IPL season closes!

What’s a girl to do, especially when she’s an avid fan of the SRH Indian Premier League (IPL) team who did so well in their first season as a team?  I need my shot of Sanga, I miss my Mishra and am depressed without my Dale!


Thanks to the team’s own website I’m able to check out pics, news and YouTube videos so hopefully I’ll last until next season. It sucks that in downtown Toronto there are no bookstores carrying cricket magazines (unless someone advises me otherwise) and even on a recent visit to the Little India neighbourhood, I couldn’t find any cricket souvenirs, team t-shirts or caps…no nuthin’ – jeez, it’s like the sport doesn’t exist. Yet cricket is so exciting, athletic, colourful and offers some of the best tv viewing of any sport in the world. It’s huge in the UK, S. Africa, Australia, India, Sri Lanka and many other countries but it hasn’t broken into N. America yet. It took a David Beckham for soccer to win over the States & Canada so I’m hoping if enough people check out Kumar Sangakkara (pictured above) esp. his MCC Cowdrey lecture on YouTube, and see what a classy sportsman he is, they will be converted.  And yes, all the players are pretty hot, too! Ladies, give up on AFL, NFL or NBA…just follow IPL cricket and you’ll see what I’m talking about. LOL

936943_472526336151166_427380732_n  Akshith ReddySugeeth Reddy

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