5th Annual Art of Music Video & The VOCAB Lounge

20130615_173055What a party it was! Had the pleasure of attending the 5th annual Art of Music Video/VOCAB Lounge soiree last night with clients ESIE MENSAH (dancer/choreographer) and her sister AKUA (pictured above), as well as my uber cool rocker musicians NICK & CRISS RAINES (The Blackstone Roses) to celebrate both the MuchMusic Video Awards and the NXNE music festival. Thanks to the amazing Chrissy Newton and her team [http://www.vocabcommunications.com] who hosted this fab schmooze fest, I met a ton of new artists including some of the top DJs and music producers who have come up over the past few years. Having worked in the music biz back in the 80’s and early 90’s, I must admit I’ve kinda dropped out of the music scene over the past 10yrs while focusing on film, writing & webTV content so it was great to chat with these new artists and listen to how they manage their careers.

20130615_182416 Criss & Nick Raines had a blast with chocolatier Stella and her ladies from ChocolaChocola (pictured left) as well as networked with other artists and music producers.

I took lots of random pics, including many of the event sponsors who donated a ton o’ swag (check out just a few of the goodies I found in my swag bag when I got home – last pic), plus other guests and cool stuff.


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