Inde-Art Design House in Toronto

20130618_154415Had some time to kill before a meeting this afternoon and wandered into this cool Asian interior design & furnishings showroom in the Carlaw warehouse district.  Inde-Art offers some of the most gorgeous glass lighting fixtures in jewel colours – great for any home, loft, apartment or even office. I enjoyed chatting with Sorab, the manager, and promised to return later to do a story on this exquisite store.


I also liked the individual carved & hand-painted shelves, esp. the horsey one (right)

I ended up purchasing this cute hand-carved wooden elephant (below) whom I have named Sanga in honour of my favourite Sri Lankan cricketer, Kumar Sangakarra. I love his green and gold decoration and although his trunk is turned down and not up, is are most “lucky elephants”, but I decided my Sanga is as humble as the human Sanga so it was a good match all around. Sanga now sits proudly next to my “Sammy Davis Buddha” (named as he looks exactly like the late entertainment legend in profile!) in the front hall where he will greet visitors with a happy smile.


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