I couldn’t believe how quickly this worked!!!

I’m always open to new technology, designs and concepts, especially when it makes my life easier and more pleasant. So when friends of mine told me they were launching a new business importing the Paris-based Ed. Pinaud 5th Element home fragrance diffusers that will not only make my place smell pretty, but also eliminate dangerous chemical particles and pollutants in the air and help ease my asthma and bronchial health issues, I was all over them.

Yesterday, Purvin & Louisa gave me a test diffuser with one of my favourite scents, Lemongrass, and showed me how to easily set-it up and starting reaping the benefits. I promised to report back to them objectively and concisely, so this morning I made myself a real English “fry up” breakfast of bacon, eggs, tomato and mushrooms. Yummmmm….but phew, this apartment smelt like a greasy-spoon at the end of a long day! So I lit up the diffuser and waited…..

20130712_105114 20130712_105232….2 minutes! Yes, 2 FREAKIN’ MINUTES and the odor of greasy bacon fat and burnt toast was gone! All I could smell after I gobbled down my heart-attack breakfast was a subtle Lemongrassy fragrance oh so lightly in the air but NO fry-up stinkies. I could not believe it. I can’t wait to try this after some juicy New Zealand lamb chops! As soon as their business is up and running, I’ll post samples of their range of diffuser designs, fragrances and how to order. They offer glass and ceramic diffuser units as well as more casual metal units (in photo above on right), all with refillable & bio-degradable fragrance bottles. Honestly, this really works – call me jaded & cynical but I never rave about products like this. Anyone else using Ed. Pinaud products in their homes? Would love to hear from you and pass along your comments to my friends as they launch their Canadian-based business.

20130712_105519     20130712_105631

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