20130721_164929What a fantastic, fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon – surrounded by knights in shining armour, flying falcons, a hearty King, a pretty Princess and lots of amazing serving wenches bringing buckets full of nosh, I visited the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament to do a story for The Rider newspaper & Barnmice.com on the 20th anniversary of the Toronto castle.   www.medievaltimes.com 20130721_155810


I invited along my lovely assistant, Kaneesha, and my best friend, Erena, to help cheer on the knights – we were in the section for the red and gold knight who ended up winning the tournament. Before the action began, we got a tour of the barns and I had the pleasure of interviewing the Yellow Knight, Andy Clitheroe, who has been with the Castle since the beginning (20yrs). Andy started off working as a squire and worked his way up from the bucket and shovel brigade to knight in shining armour, studying horsemanship as well as jousting, stunt swordsmanship and other hand-to-hand combat skills. He was very impressive…we secretly cheered for him as well as our red & gold knight.


We were given a tour of the castle by Sales manager, Daryl Ledwon (below), who graciously gave up the VIP treatment. He tried hard to convince Erena & Kaneesha to get down and boogie with the lords and ladies on the party dance floor but we couldn’t find the court musicians to play a madrigal for them!20130721_161121

There was so much exciting action in the arena, horses hooves flying and the audience of over 1,000 cheering and screaming their lungs out for their knights, that we almost forgot our feast served by Wench Anna. 20130721_173028

Soup (Erena & Kaneesha slurped it down all very ladylike, below), then half a roast chicken, followed by ribs and a big roast potato, then coffee and a flaky pastry apple pie. YUMMMMM.

We were so stuffed but we still managed to cheer, scream, wave our flags for our Knight.

20130721_16402520130721_164953 20130721_175256 20130721_165128

Before leaving I met up with our Red & Gold Knight to thank him for a wonderful afternoon of sport, and I just had to buy a wee souvenir but K & E insisted on treating me to a little grey dragon who was calling my name from the display case. Thanks, ladies. What a fun Sunday…now back to the real world and real work. Oh to be a knight on horseback for a living!



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  1. Aj Cavanagh says:

    Wow, I really love these photos – shows what a good night out is to be had! BTW – it’s been a few hundred years since I was last served lunch by a wench!! Awesome!

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