One of Canada’s most awarded young filmmakers, JOSEPH PROCOPIO, screened his latest (and final) short film yesterday, Sunday July 28, at the Carlton Cinema in downtown Toronto, to a packed house of cast, crew, family and friends.

PosterSUNDAE is the 3rd film in Joseph’s romantic drama trilogy that started with ONION SKIN and MEMORIES which were also screened. Starring Tiago Abreu, Kendra Timmins, Neil Babcock and Lauren Bullivant, SUNDAE tells the story of love and friendship that’s lost and found. There were quite a few sniffles in the audience when the lights came up. Joseph sure knows how to tap into people’s emotions. He’s now working on his first feature film script throughout the summer along with some other projects of his own, and has just been approached to direct a segment for the new feature film based on the best-selling novel, The Book of Awesome, which should start lensing in 2014. Below are some pics from the after-screening meet-n-greet with the cast & crew. SUNDAE has already been accepted at the famed Rhode Island Int’l Film Festival (an Oscar-booster festival) and is being considered for numerous other festivals around the world (Joseph has already won over 40+ int’l festival awards for his films over the past 9 years). Let’s hope TIFF (Toronto Int’l Film Festival) includes him in this year’s crop of shorts.

Joseph’s new website is set to launch shortly. Check it out at:

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