New client impresses with range of Paris-based designer product lines

Some days deliver wonderful surprises, great hospitality and exciting new ventures: yesterday, Thurs. August 1st, was just such a day!

I met with a delightful group of young, energetic Chinese/Canadian business people, located up near the Pacific Mall, who are licensed distributors of the French-based Ed. Pinaud design house that features home fragrances and air purifiers, fragrances and skincare lines, magnetic & negative ion therapy jewellery and shortly, an amazing line of cert. organic, all-natural health and fitness supplements.

20130801_14063720130801_14072820130801_14112920130801_141136I was amazed by the depth of product knowledge and information offered by this new company which is currently in “launch” mode. I was given personal demonstrations and I must say their lip gloss, nail polish and skincare lines are some of the best I have ever tried (I’m a Helena Rubenstein fan from way back) and very affordable – unbelievable pricing that will rival your favourite established N. American brands! They also offer the Ed. Pinaud “5th Element” air purifiers and fragrances similar to the more established commercial Lampe Berger products but last longer and are far more affordable. The lip gloss is incredibly lush and goes on smoothly. It’s fragrance free and best of all, the wand goes all the way down to the bottom of the tube so there is no wastage. The nail polish goes on easily in one coat. Amazing quality – I hope to get these products into spas for them. 20130801_14075920130801_140755

The websites for each product line will be launching shortly, complete with online shopping & e-commerce but until then, check out the Facebook pages for 2 of their lines: Home Scentsability & Bio Bling.

After our meeting, I was taken out by the gracious Louisa and Christopher who treated me to THE best Korean BBQ in the GTA (Toronto) – the fabulous and friendly GaBin Korean restaurant – modest but oh so yummy with BBQ tables and dee-lish treats, including deep dried Pineapple with chocolate sauce – I’ve never had this before but …. wow! Lip-smacking yummy. And my Ed. Pinaud lip gloss lasted through it all! 20130801_151500 20130801_155443

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