URGENT fundraising campaign to complete documentary on Canada’s wild mustangs destined for slaughter

Here’s one great example of how Indiegogo crowd-funding platform assists worthy causes.  Documentary filmmaker VIRGINIA HASTINGS  is seeking funding for her provocative documentary feature, “Lost in the Wind” about Alberta, Canada’s wild horse population and the need to preserve the herd.  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lost-in-the-wind

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Virginia is meeting the challenge of raising $156,000.00 to produce her documentary head-on and has created an Indiegogo campaign to reach out to “angels” and supporters of Canadian filmmaking as well as animal rights and humanitarian activists to help bring this story to the screen. “I really believe in this project but I need the help of everyone and, to be honest, I really hope people who care about these horses, our Canadian heritage, animal rights and our environment in general to donate whatever they can to fund this film,” says Hastings.

The trailer for “Lost in the Wind” has had nearly 60,000 hits in the last 30 days, and according to Hastings if everyone who viewed the trailer donated just $2.69 the campaign would be a success and she could start production immediately. She’s asking everyone who watches this trailer or reads about the project to donate as much as they’re comfortable with, then hopefully her documentary will help save this endangered native herd from slaughter through raising public awareness.  LR-DSC-4811-Th

Documentary Summary

In a Province that sets international standards for the iconic symbolism of the Wild West lives a small herd of wild horses.  They call Alberta’s Rocky Mountain foothills home, sharing a piece of crown land with logging, oil and gas, and thousands of heads of cattle: three of the Provinces largest industries.  While annual government round-ups see them sent to slaughter for foreign meat markets, science and advocates argue they are an endangered native species.

With only 750 wild horses remaining and a fate engulfed in controversy, this film embarks on a compelling journey and asks us: Is there a place in Canada’s future for a heritage animal from our past.

LOG ON TO: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lost-in-the-wind NOW & PLEASE DONATE!  And follow Virginia on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LostInTheWindAVirginiaHastingsProduction?fref=ts


[Horse photos courtesy of Duane Starr, Virginia’s headshot courtesy of Kelly Holinshead]


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2 thoughts on “URGENT fundraising campaign to complete documentary on Canada’s wild mustangs destined for slaughter

  1. fossegal says:

    Who are the idiots that plan to cull these absolutely gorgeous,tremendous creatures? To quote Glenda,”the kids are running the asylum!!!” This will not happen!!! I will donate when my pension comes in, month by month.Will do my best.Thank you Virginia and Duane from the bottom of my heart!!!

    • fordhampr says:

      Thank you so much – I’ll pass your comment along to Virginia. Isn’t this crazy? Unfortunately not too many people know what’s going on out in Alberta so hopefully my little blurb here on my blog will reach more eyes….and hearts.

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