Reconnecting with old friend, Toronto artist & media personality JOHN COBURN

Damn, how long has it been??? I love running into old friends unexpectedly, especially when they have enjoyed such wonderful and well-deserved successes. Last night I ran into brilliant Canadian artist, JOHN COBURN (pictured below), whose pen-and-ink drawings on water colour backgrounds evoke mid-century modern graphic design and illustrations, and it was a delight to play catch-up on his career, past and future shows with a flying visit to his studio located in the Wychwood Barns, Toronto.

20130820_194738John and his twin brother James were once Citytv’s roving entertainment reporters who kept the city informed of concerts, exhibitions, celebrities and all sorts of great showbiz gossip. They were awesome, not only because they were knowledgeable and actually did research on the stars before their interviews (unlike so many reporters these days!), they were also pretty hot stuff (yes, I admit I had a terrible crush!) The Coburns also created the original “Poetry Sweatshop” series which was the forerunner of what we now call poetry slams. John went on to develop his illustration skills and has become a well-respected artist in his own right with a style all his own – recognizable, charming and highly sought after. He showed me a collection of acrylic shadow-boxes (approx. 6″x6″) containing small original art pieces that he has created for collectors on a more modest budget ($40 each!) and I jumped at the chance of photographing them and sharing them with my readers – I know you’ll want one or two or three or…lots of them to create a great artscape on your walls or shelves. All you horsey folks should scroll down and see the cool one with the horses, rider and doggy. We’re going to create a pop-up exhibition and sale in Toronto very soon so if you like any of the pieces below, let me know and I’ll put you directly in touch with John.  You can follow him on his Facebook: Coburn Art

20130820_201004 20130820_201016 20130820_20102420130820_194725 20130820_201030

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