Peter and Edna Pereira have been leaders in the fitness industry for a combined 25 years. Together, they created the first total body program designed specifically for couples called FIT2TOUCH. Their passion is helping couples and families become healthy and fit by overcoming common obstacles and offering realistic and fun solutions that anyone can incorporate into their busy lifestyle. ednapeterphoto1

Apart from being co-creator of Fit2Touch, Edna has certifications in Strength Training, Sports Conditioning, Fitness programming, Ayurvedic and holistic nutrition, Lifestyle And Healthy Weight Management, Post-Natal Fitness And Nutrition, is a Clinical Exercise Specialist and a frequent editorial contributor to leading health and wellness publications. She is also the owner of April Motherhood Image Consulting, a CCF Life and, of course, proud mama to son, Evan, her pride and joy.  Having been diagnosed with IBS and fibromyalgia, Edna’s research and knowledge on the effects of food on the human body is unmatched and is where her true passion lies.

Peter grew up battling depression and found that fitness training became his “therapy”.  Transforming his body was the catalyst and inspiration for helping hundreds of clients transform their lives, too. He is a Transformation Expert and is an ACE and AFPA Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Sports Conditioning Specialist, Lifestyle and Healthy Weight Management Consultant, Professional Fitness Competitor and professional fitness model, published fitness writer, CCF Life Coach and co-creator of Fit2Touch.

Edna and Peter have been featured on numerous television, radio and print showcasing their innovative style of fitness. Having appeared on Citytv’s Breakfast Television, CP24, Perfect Fit, CBC’s Living In Toronto, CBC’s Dragons’ Den, BBC’s Dragons’ Den, CBC’s Steven & Chris, Sex Matters on Rogers TV, The Sunday Sun, Globe and Mail, Mississauga News, Fit &Firm magazine, Reps magazine, Maximum Fitness magazine, Inside Fitness magazine, 680 News and Kiss 92.5 radio.

I am thrilled to welcome Edna and Peter to Fordham PR and would like to share a recent conversation we had, talking about the genesis of the super cool and sexy Fit2Touch workout program. Now all I need is my own 160lb kettle bell…er, I mean boyfriend….to get started !

FordhamPR: So tell me how Fit2Touch come into being?

PETER:  Edna and I met at the local gym where we were both trainers.  We became friends pretty quickly then soon became “friends with benefits”.  One evening we were “play fighting” with my leg on her leg, pushing and  resisting. It felt pretty great in a physical way, not just sexy. So we switched positions around and gradually developed a program using each other’s bodies for a terrific workout. We realized there was no other program like it on the market and thought we were on to something pretty cool, especially for other couples.

EDNA: We actually started creating exercises to alleviate the boredom of using equipment. Doesn’t everyone have that piece of workout equipment purchased on a whim from the shopping channel or a gym membership that keeps sucking money out of your bank account each month although you can’t remember the last time you were there (or the locker combination!). We saw how you could actually use another person’s body as counter-balances & with stretching techniques to train yourself while making sure you both got a great workout.


FordhamPR: When did you actually launch?

EDNA: Several years ago, initially as a class for couples at our fitness gym, then we developed a more substantial program and created our own DVD.  We found that the program built trust between couples and also non-romantic friends and we started receiving great reviews from people telling us how well it worked. Even kids got into it. Our families loved seeing the kids working together, instilling trust and team-building, and getting their butts off the couch.

FordhamPR: Where/how did you start teaching fit2touch?

EDNA: We worked individually and with couples, training them traditionally as well as incorporating the F2T protocols. we also started selling our DVDs to our clients, friends and other trainers, too.

FordhamPR: Tell me about your Dragons’ Den (CBC) experience

PETER: We just knew we had to get on that show. Edna and I never once imagined getting a deal, but we knew the exposure would be so valuable. Plus we had nothing to lose. We were originally passed over by producers but were put on standby in case there were any contestants who dropped out at the last minute. One evening, we got the call and within days were were in front of the cameras pitching Fit2Touch to five of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs.

EDNA: They really liked us, Peter and I were ready for whatever they would throw at us, possibly getting the worst bum’s rush, but we were well received by the Dragons.

PETER: Yes, and we were thrilled with the after-show feedback from the public – lots of enquiries from viewers who understood what we were trying to do –make health and fitness fun, sexy and easy to do.

EDNA: We even got a brief spot on the UK version of Dragons’ Den (aired on BBC Canada) We were shown as an example of how to present a great pitch. Wow, what an honour!

PETER: Yes, we were overwhelmed by the support we received from the show, regardless of not actually getting a deal. It was one of the best decisions we ever made.458466_318463748219724_23585371_o

FordhamPR: So when did you get married?

PETER: Shortly after Dragon’s Den.

EDNA:  We taped in May, the show aired in September and the following year we got married, had a baby and bought a house!

EDNA & PETER: We’re now starting an exciting new campaign for Fit2Touch with social media, new videos, online subscriptions and a ton of personal appearances and workshops across Ontario first, then hopefully travelling across the country throughout 2014.

Whew, I was breathless just listening to all this….now we have to actually go out and do it.  Check out Peter & Edna’s website which will soon be getting its own make-over and follow Fit2Touch on Facebook and @Fit2touchFit on Twitter.


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