CABBAGETOWN ARTS & CRAFTS SHOW draws big crowds on sunny Sunday in Toronto

After yesterday’s Hollywood-style hob-knobbing at the TIFF All-Star Luncheon, it was lovely to walk in the sunshine among the beautiful gardens and homes of old Cabbagetown during this year’s Arts & Crafts show, street festival and yard sales. 20130908_125458

The neighbourhood welcomed families and visitors who all ended up in the Riverdale park to browse the artists’ tents. Below are some of my favourite booths, starting with Karola Steinbrecher of Schomberg, Ontario I LOVE her work and want the red canvas 3rd down next to her in this photo (below).


Emily Millar ( presented some beautiful pieces, all of which would look fabulous in my home (sigh…no money this month for art collecting!)20130908_123050Giampietro Filippetti (below) is a very talented mosaic artist and his work really appealed to me Stunning tiny mosaic pieces form swirling, colourful pieces, any of which would go well in my home.

20130908_123825Carlo Allion’s work is very familiar to me – I first met him at the Artists’ Project several months ago and was intrigued with his work – very “steampunk”, very imaginative. Check out his website:

20130908_121435 20130908_121444 20130908_121451 20130908_121508Amanda Fasken has an amazing gift – she uses old vintage photos as part of her mixed media/acrylic collages (below). I blew the dust out of my wallet and found $20 that bought me a small piece that is now proudly on show over my desk.  20130908_120306Here are a few more fun pics from my day in Cabbagetown….

20130908_112914 20130908_113014 20130908_11302220130908_12211220130908_124618

20130908_125527 20130908_130139

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