Had a great time this evening visiting with gallery owner & artist MARK GLEBERZON (pictured) 20130919_192411who has just relocated his original Cabbagetown gallery to a cool new space at 1028 Queen St East in Riverdale.

img164 img165Mark’s gallery is chock-a-block full of interesting multi-media pieces by many of Toronto’s coolest, cutting-edge artists. Many of their works are now on my Christmas list (I’m hoping Santa has developed his artistic tastes and knows what will look good on my walls!)

Ran into several friends there and my artist client, Carolyn Megill and her husband, Rick, also joined me in congratulating Mark on his new venture. Below are some shots of the reception – sorry, I was not able to get all the artists names so if you see something you like, I suggest you go visit Mark in person. Linda DeLuca’s awesome version of the “Marlborough Man” is featured as are some of Mark’s own work – check out his cool Chrysler Building as well as his wonderfully weird “Kookaburra in a Shadow Box”. Apparently he also has a platypus so all you Aussie art fans…go check ’em out! He also has a strange 2-headed calf taxidermy holding court in the centre of the gallery – hello, Ripley’s!!

No website as yet but you can follow Mark on Facebook.













20130919_192630 20130919_185955 20130919_190029 20130919_190102 20130919_190409


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