Show Your Support for the International March for Elephants Friday Oct. 4 in Toronto


Join this Friday’s International March for Elephants in Toronto to show that Canadians do, indeed, care that the future for all elephants on this planet is in dire straights. If current poaching rates continue, elephants will be extinct in as few as 12 years from today.

Toronto is one of the official host cities for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s March, as part of their ‘iWorry – Say NO to Ivory’ campaign. There are now 32 cities around the world who are participating in the International March for Elephants on October 4th so watch for all the social media posts from every corner of the globe.

People are finally realizing that one elephant is killed every 15 minutes of every day, a truly horrifying fact. Organizers in Toronto hope that October becomes the month of the elephant due to all the concurrent worldwide activity and increasing attention to their plight. On October 13, the three Toronto Zoo elephants will finally be leaving our cold and completely inappropriate climate and will be retiring to a sanctuary in sunny California with lots of other ellies for companions.  Also in mid-October, Toronto City Council will hopefully vote yes to Councillor Josh Matlow’s motion to dedicate a city playground in the June Rowlands Park to Canadian long-time children’s entertainers, Sharon, Lois and Bram of The Elephant Show fame; the playground will be marked with a sign in the shape of an elephant. And on October 8, the US government has announced that they are destroying six tonnes of ivory stockpiles, confiscated over the last 25 years, as part of their commitment to save the species.

We invite all concerned Canadians to join us in protesting the ivory trade at Trinity Square (behind the Eaton Centre, Toronto) on Friday October 4 for the International March for Elephants. Support for the March now includes prominent Canadians including lawyer Clayton Ruby, City Councillor Shelley Carrol, authors Alissa York, Elizabeth Abbott and Erika Ritter, and award-winning filmmaker Patricia Rozema, with more names being added daily.

The October 4th schedule of events is as follows:

  • 11am – Registration for all participants
  • 11:30 – Presentations and speeches
  • 12 noon – March commences from Trinity Square (ends 1:00 pm @ Old City Hall)

Toronto will be joining Cape Town, New York, Washington, London, Rome and many other major cities all marching peacefully together to mobilize international governments and educate the public. Canadians will also be petitioning our government to stop the ivory trade and other wildlife crimes through a petition and postcards, available soon.

The March in Toronto is being organized by an ad hoc group of people living in Ontario who have joined The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s (DSWT) International March for Elephants; all coming from very different backgrounds and occupations with varied exposures to elephants. We are united by the concern that our children, grandchildren and future populations around the globe may never know this incredible species and that our world will be greatly impoverished by their extinction.

At the global level, The International March for Elephants is organized by iWorry, an awareness and advocacy campaign by Kenyan conservation charity The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT); the organizers say preventing the slaughter of elephants for their ivory has never been more vitally important than it is today. Though laws are in place to ban the international ivory trade, substantial demand has created a thriving black market. We have to recognize the illegal ivory trade crisis and work internationally to make wildlife crime a priority.  Because as long as there is any market for ivory, elephants will be cruelly killed for their tusks. 1234255_590050534392737_337787072_n

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