As N. America heads into the nippy ‘fall season and all the leaves turn red and gold, most people dread the coming long cold winter nights and the lack of outdoor activity choices, Not me – I love the chill in the air…it makes me want to work harder, longer and launch new projects. My talented clients at Fit2Touch Fitness, Peter and Edna Pereira, are currently getting ready to videotape some great couples’ exercise workouts that will not only get you fit and energized, but will also enhance your romantic relationship. I asked Edna, who is a nutritional expert and certified personal trainer, to offer some advice I could share with my blog readers and she kindly put together 5 easy ways to improve and enhance your love life that we can all work on, regardless of season…but snuggling up and heating up the bedroom in the ‘fall and winter makes so much sense, yes? Please enjoy Edna’s advice and do let us know if you tried any of her suggestions by return Comment.

fall leavesIt can be very easy to get into a romance rut in the fall; everyone gets busier as the weather gets colder with kids, school, activities, meetings, family holidays and parties. Then before we know it, we’re in the dead of winter and we haven’t had sex in months. So, before we get too far into the deep freeze, let’s quickly heat things up with these cool ideas.

Here are the top 5 ways to improve your sex life fast:

Increase testosterone levels, decrease cortisol levels: Testosterone is a hormone in our bodies (yes, women have testosterone, too) that gives us strength, energy and a higher sex drive.  Cortisol, on the other hand, is the stress hormone that causes us to fatigue quickly, gain weight around the belly area and sadly decreases our sex drive. If you find that you’re generally not in the mood for sex, it could be either your testosterone is too low or your cortisol levels are too high. A great and easy way for both men and women to increase testosterone levels is to strength train with heavy weights (challenge your muscles) and eat more animal proteins. Cortisol levels heighten with stress so to alleviate cortisol, rid yourself of as much unnecessary stress in your life as possible.

Connect with your partner: Remember the person you sleep next to? It is sometimes very easy to take that fantastic person for granted. Look at your partner, connect through communication with them – laugh, support one another, talk and share. Remember how crazy you were for each other when you first met. So continue to build that bond that first brought you two together. laffing cpl




Eat healthy to support a healthy body: A diet high in fruits and vegetables will make you feel and look younger, give you more energy, refresh your skin, keep you toned and sleek and will balance your hormones – all things essential for feeling and looking your best. And if you feel and look your best, most likely it will bring you into “the mood” that much sooner! Omega 3’s are known to keep all hormone levels in check and support beautiful hair and skin.

Workout to support a healthy body: We talked about the increase in testosterone with heavier strength training. Working out and feeling good about your body will also give you a higher self-image and, again, increase your energy and reduce stress levels so that you can be more available and interested in sex.

Add variety & newness to the bedroom: Lastly, after you have eaten healthily and worked out, increased your energy levels and boosted your testosterone levels, then to keep things fully alive bring a few new ideas into the bedroom. The recent big Hollywood story was how newlyweds Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds rent hotel rooms and role play to keep their sex life sizzling – now that’s exciting, isn’t it? blindfoldTry blindfolds to heighten all senses, use withholding intercourse as a ways to explore the rest of each others’ bodies, and pretend to see each other for the first time. This will ignite the excitement that comes with newness and unknowing and will entice both partners to be free and explore with one another.


Edna Pereira, is certified in Strength Training, Sports Conditioning, Fitness Programming, Nutrition, Ayurvedic and Holistic Nutrition, Lifestyle & Healthy Weight Management, Postnatal Fitness and Nutrition, is a Clinical Exercise Specialist, published fitness writer, CCF Life Coach and co-creator of Fit2touch – The Total Body Workout Program for Couples  (

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  1. Karla says:

    Good post! looking forward to reading through more!

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