As an event planning professional, I was invited to attend this year’s Promotional Product Professionals of Canada (PPPC) national conference last week and I took my new photographic assistant, Gabriella Luchetta, with me to snap away.

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Meeting all these suppliers of unique tchotchkes, awards, promo merchandise was a blast and we were showered with samples and gifts (thank you to all the exhibitors for their kindness). I now have some valuable ideas for logo wear and goodies to promote several clients and also to recommend to colleagues and other PR friends for their clients, too. Here are some of our favourite booths:

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The Chill cooling towel (above) is a brilliant idea – tear open the package, put towel into microwave and heat. Then let it cool for a minute after it comes out of microwave…..and it’s freakin’ COLD! Yes, it stays freezing chilly cold. Great to wear around neck at summer sports events, or as I suggested: give to any and every menopausal woman on the planet – hot flashes be gone!

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The Kanata yoga and sports towels were particularly lovely, especially for women’s promo gifts. lovely pastel colours, quality soft pile absorbent fabric and your corp logo can be embroidered on the fold-in carry bag. Excellent option for promo merchandise. And I loved the new stress balls, esp. these two (below) Frankenstein and the firefighter.

20140131_115250 20140131_115309

Last Import - 295 ???????????????????????????????

Even found Mike (above), whose sound speakers originally made from boxes, cardboard cartons, or tiny tubes were featured on Shark Tank (US version of our Dragons’ Den). He spun us some tunes and we danced in the aisles.


You can even put your corporate logo on these beautiful colourful birdhouses or flip flops (above)

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Found a great salesman who showcased his unique designs for cufflinks that simply slip over the shirt cuff buttons (very cool) and I connected with Georgie from Artech who showed us a super thin logo’d cutting board for cocktail garnishes. Now THAT’s a cool piece of merch!

Last Import - 235

Some of the booths were beautifully displayed in colour-coded cases (above) but Gabriella and I had the most fun at the customized “bobble-head” booth. Yes, you can actually buy the software and plastic heads/bodies that allows you to do this at your next event.

20140131_162341 IMG_4918

A very big thank-you to the generous folks at UNIVERSAL LINKS INC. the distributors who kindly invited us to the PPPC show. Without them, we would never have seen such great options for merchandise, promo give-aways and incentives. And congrats to PPPC for a superb trade show!  See you next year.

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  1. Supperb. It was a cool day for the business man. I was also there when this super trade show was going on.

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