ART MEETS AUTO: Montreal artist wraps Lamborghini in stunning paint job!


Visiting this year’s Canadian International Auto Show media day yesterday, I expected the same old, same old: unveiling of new and concept cars by all the big auto makers, sales & revenue bragging, the odd celebrity guest, but what stopped me in my jaded trade-show tracks was this awesome Lamborghini wrapped in stunning artwork, and standing in front of the display was the artist herself!  The smart folks at Grand Touring Automobiles (GTA) presented this exclusive custom-designed 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo 560-4 created by world-renowned Canadian artist LISABEL, who painted the original work in composite materials (the same medium as the shell of the Lamborghini), recast them in 3M vinyl, and then enveloped the Lamborghini in the material. This innovative collaboration with the artist will be on display in the Grand Touring Automobile booth at the CIAS in the Auto Exotica area, on the 100 level of the North Building at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


Lisabel joined forces with GTA to fuse the technological fit and the beauty of her art, with the world’s most artistic desired car: the legendary Lamborghini. “The car served as a source of inspiration to bring a feminine artistic touch to the sexiest modern car today”, shares Lisabel.


I spoke briefly with Lisabel and her business partner, Montreal businessman GLENN MILLER (both pictured above) who told me how excited they were about her artistic partnership with GTA and the car show this year, and they were thrilled to be travelling to Europe and Dubai in the next few months for discussions with art aficionados and the potential for other car/art projects.

Lisabel’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries and art shows around the world including Hong Kong, Dubai, California, New York, New Orleans, Denver, Detroit, Monaco, Belgium, Spain, France and Toronto.  In 2007, she won the Grand Prize in the Distinctive Technique of the 24th International Visual Arts, Sound and Light Gala Contest held by the Cercle des Artistes Peintres et Sculteurs du Québec.  She and Glenn are co-owners of Galerie Lisabel, a 4,000 sq-ft. studio in Montreal that plays host to exclusive custom artwork. For further information and to see more of Lisabel’s cutting edge art, please visit:  And check out her stunning online videos of how this work all comes together.



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One thought on “ART MEETS AUTO: Montreal artist wraps Lamborghini in stunning paint job!

  1. DAN LYON says:

    Very cool! A lot of thought goes into the design of cars including the body shape and interior, so why not the paint job too? Why is almost every car on the road either black, silver, white or blue?

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