I’m so glad that apart from being a publicist & marketing consultant, I’m also freelance writer for a number of publications which gives me  access to a number of exciting “press days” and product launches. Yesterday, I was joined by Barry Finn, publisher of THE RIDER ( and photographer Nicole Salo at the media meet-n-greet event for this year’s Canadian In’t Auto Show (CIAS) where we got to go one-on-one with all the big auto makers and see all the cool new cars unveiled. What a blast!

20140213_085427 20140213_091239

Things got kicked off at the newly partnered Fiat Chrysler display  (above & below) and boy, did they deliver. Loved the big orange Challenger with hemi. All muscle and sass!

20140213_101410 20140213_101450 20140213_101541 20140213_101523

I checked out the great red and white exhibit at the booth. I want ’em all! 20140213_092414 20140213_092426 20140213_092449 20140213_093149

Porsche was next on our hit list. OMG, these cars are so sexy…but I was so pissed off  they did not have their sales booth open and I really wanted one of these Steve McQueen t-shirts. Me and the King of Cool? You betcha!

20140213_095414 20140213_095506

The Mercedes store was open and ready for business so I dropped a few bucks on a shiny new key ring (I could at least afford a mini Merc on a chain…LOL). They have great merchandise including the reversible woolly snow hats and tons of models and replica cars for collectors. 20140213_095725 20140213_095803 1392303663604

Nissan unveiled a gorgeous car, looked so much like fresh sticky toffee I just wanted to lick it but thankfully Barry kindly dragged me away before I embarrassed myself ….LOL! 20140213_102916 Honda was next on our list and as I’d been tipped off that a special celebrity guest was making an appearance, we hustled our asses into the front row seats – cameras at the ready. Was so focused on betting who the celeb would be (Nicole won the bet with her brilliant guess) I forgot to takes notes on what car this was. Bad Glenda, bad reporter! Anyway…here’s the car …taa-daaah 20140213_111111 And here’s the special guest, Canada’s own Indy car racer James Hinchcliffe. Wow, he’s so cute. 20140213_111244James was so gracious and posed for the media scrum afterwards and even brought along his 2014 Indy race car so I was in motor racing heaven!

20140213_111427 20140213_111722 20140213_111957

After lunch, we all moved to the south building where the “exotics” were on display, along with a special tribute area to Cdn racing legend Ron Fellows (lower pics). I love Lamborghini, Mazerati and Lotus, and especially Rolls Royce…enjoy the random pics. 20140213_113324 20140213_113401 20140213_113555 20140213_115049 20140213_114224

Enjoyed meeting the fully dressed reporter and cameraman from “Naked News” (1st picture above). They were an absolute delight and I watched as the young lady navigated the show, eloquently interviewing all the head honchos. Bravo, Naked News. 20140213_113102 20140213_113055 20140213_113138

Moving on to the vintage models, I must admit my heart belongs in the backseat of this spectacular Ford Fairlane (1st pic) 20140213_132608 20140213_132110 20140213_132525 20140213_132141 20140213_132541 20140213_133544

Then it was Ford’s turn to unveil their latest Mustang. Yummmmm  20140213_134425

Spent some time hanging out with my fave car company: Jaguar (below) – must admit I prefer their old-school models which are so distinct in style. These new ones are certainly quality autos but just don’t have that sexy, sleek cat-like look. Do you agree? 20140213_141024 20140213_141154

And then I strolled around the “family” section, chatting with the nice lady at Mazda who gave me one of their cool USB media kits. 20140213_140412

Toyota introduced an awesome concept vehicle, the FV2 but am not sure if it’s a car or a bike?! But oh how sexy it was.

20140213_140739 20140213_140753 20140213_140852

Here are some random shots I took as I wandered around.

20140213_141834 20140213_140136 20140213_095539 20140213_10131420140213_104256

And I had to stop one fabulous car fan whose cowgirl boots were so freakin’ amazing, I just had to snap a couple of pics. Told me she bought them in Scottsdale, AZ so you know where I’m heading on my next shopping trip. Yeeehaaaaa!

20140213_134708 20140213_134714

And now on to the BIG BOYS…working on stories for The Rider, I’ve come to realize that horse people need big heavy duty vehicles to haul horse trailers, hay and feed and all sorts of farm needs so together with Nicole (who took 5th photo below & is pictured seated in the Longhorn) here are our two favourites: first the RAM Longhorn (4 pics) and then the GMC Denali Dually 20140213_102413 20140213_102228 20140213_102243 20140213_102315 DenaliDually_220140213_135814

So big thanks to everyone at the CIAS 2014 [ ] and all the manufacturers for making us feel welcome. Please check out next month’s issue of for Barry and Nicole’s stories on the trucks and the show as a whole.


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