Sunday Feb 23rd, Toronto: What a beautiful sunny winter afternoon – the Canadian men’s hockey team had just annihilated the Swedes for Gold and most of the city was nursing hangovers from their 6am booze-fueled Olympic viewing parties at many of the downtown sports bars. What’s a girl to do? Well, I love antiques, anything vintage and collectible, so I heard about the awesomeness that is the LESLIEVILLE FEA, a one day pop-up flea market held in the colourful The Distillery District (pictured below).


What a fabulous variety of dealers, everything from goat cheese chocolates to re-purposed vintage fur hats and purses, mid-century modern furniture and accessories, to new handcrafted jewellery and….I could go on but I’ll let my photos do the talking.

20140223_122117 20140223_133557 20140223_122357

I first visited Bill and Sacha of Douglas & Son Mercantile [ ] who had these awesome vintage cigar store chief mini figurines and a whole slew of lettering from old gas stations and convenience stores.



I then dropped in to the Cubit’s booth and chatted with the lovely Laura, who told me all about her ethical seeds for ethical gardeners. Flowers, herbs and vegetables for the urban gardener – yes, you could even grow them in a window box or on an apartment balcony. [ ]


I strolled across the aisle and said hello to Nathalie-Roze Fischer whose wonderful re-purposed woolly hats and caps with lace and crocheted appliques looked so pretty. She also does custom work, too, so if you have any old favourite toques in need of a fashion update, get in touch with her. [ ]


I couldn’t believe I found a couple of cool Northern Dancer souvenirs at one table – great for all my horsey friends over at &


Was fun watching visitors trying on fabulous bling at one of the artisan’s booth.  Yes, you look pretty…buy it!


I then found the lovely folks from ] who create Goat Cheese dark chocolates (yummmm), Goats Milk Soap and all sorts of scrumptious Goats Milk body creams and lotions. Debbie and her hubby Shain (who disappeared when I started clicking pics) were busy selling their truffles and telling visitors about their family of goats and other wee beasties back at their farm in Campbellford. Their handsome son dropped by for a quick visit wearing his Olympic spirit sweater. So who’s minding the goats?

20140223_124452 20140223_124617 20140223_124526 20140223_123835 20140223_124444

Down the aisle I found the big man himself of Big Kev Vintage who had a great collection of mid-century furniture and collectibles [ ]  A couple of cool young jazz cats were serenading us with hot tunes. I asked if they knew “The Girl from Ipanema” (my personal theme song) and they did! Thank you so much for playing me thru the Flea, boys.

20140223_125213(0) 20140223_125333

Charmaine Baan of Hey Pomelo (below) offered shoppers some beautiful handcrafted, organic baby and toddler wear. Soft and delicate with lots of whimsical designs. Great unique shower gifts for the fashion-fwd baby! [ ]


Next to Charmaine was a great display of cool pouches and purses, courtesy of Tatiana Koslov Design……

20140223_125730 20140223_125851 20140223_125858

….then onto  Irina creates unique jewellery pieces using bits-n-bobs from vintage watches and clocks as well as various metals and beads. How cool are these?

20140223_130059 20140223_130139

I then made a wonderful “love connection” with Jim and Karin MacMillan of Merry Macs Antiques & Collectibles [ ] who recycle and re-purpose vintage furs into beautiful hats, muffs, collars and cute little purses and shoulder bags. They find pre-loved coats, stoles, etc. and make them into one-of-a-kind fashion accessories.  I’m not a fur person myself (I have 4 faux fur coats at home) but these are designed & created out of vintage pieces that will keep you warm and toasty. The MacMillans also carry vintage toys, glassware, lighting and lots more in their old blacksmith shop in Argyle, Ontario.

20140223_131255 20140223_131301 20140223_131405 20140223_131441

I found some stunning re-upholstered vintage and antique furniture over at the J&J Made booth (below).  You can check them out on their Facebook page:

20140223_131800 20140223_131827

I loved Erica Peck’s outfit (below) – she certainly wears it well over at the booth


I fell madly in love with the stunning handcrafted designs of Sarah Podemski of Totem Jewelry & Accessories. I just had to plunk down my dollars and buy one of her silver antler pendants. I took this selfie at home (below)…doesn’t it just sparkle?! Thank you, Sarah.

20140223_132527 20140223_13253120140223_154623

My regular readers know by now that I am a serious choco-holic so there was no way I was walking past Marigold’s Finest Stoneground Chocolates without stopping and buying.  After several samplings, I settled on the blue-wrapped Nicaraguan dark chocolate. Oh yummm, my tummy thanks you!

20140223_133311 20140223_133315 20140223_133324

I enjoyed meeting the father/daughter artist team of Whistle and Work  whose beautifully crafted pen & ink sketches and paper cut-outs are stunning works that could grace any fashionable Toronto wall.

20140223_133451 20140223_133458 20140223_133511 20140223_133520 20140223_133531

And just as I was about to leave, I discovered a couple of great vendors in one of the corners: EcoStems and SourceD & sAlvaged shared one display area showcasing stunning plants and unusual salvage décor pieces.

20140223_133837 20140223_133843 20140223_133850 20140223_133910 20140223_134117 20140223_134124

And here are a few more random pics – be sure to visit the Leslieville Flea yourself in March. You’ll have fun meeting all the vendors and may even pick up a few bargains, too.

20140223_133629 20140223_134700 20140223_134738 20140223_134837


















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  1. unaart says:

    Thanks so much for the feature Glenda.
    All the best from Whistle + Work

  2. Shain Jaffe says:

    Glenda – Great meeting you this afternoon. Hope we see you again soon. And thanks so much for your kind words. Best from the Haute Goat.

  3. J&J MADE says:

    Thanks Glenda for this awesome feature!! – J&J MADE

  4. Thanks for the feature and great pictures.
    Sourced & Salvaged.

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