March 1, 2014 – Toronto: I had a blast today while attending the Painter, Poet, Beggar, Thief  “salon” at the URBAN GALLERY [ www.urbangallery.ca ] on Queen St East, where the indomitable multi-disciplined artist BRENDA CLEWS (below) held court with some of her creative friends.

20140301_172123 20140301_172323 20140301_175101

Hosted by writer/poet JENNIFER HOSEIN, Brenda was accompanied on guitar by NIK BEAT, host of CIUT-FM’s “Howl!” radio show and grand master of Toronto poetry scene, during her performance. Nik (pictured below) also read some of his latest poems and performed several “pongs” (poem/song) accompanied by bass player, Michael R.

20140301_163017 20140301_163417 20140301_164001

When I walked in, the uber groovy NORMAN ALLAN was in full beat mode (pictured below)…..

20140301_155748 20140301_155802

…..followed by poet and publisher of Lyrical Myrical Press books,  LUCIANO IACOBELLI  (below)


JENNIFER HOSEIN (below) created beautiful word pictures with her soulful poems (also accompanied by Nik)….

20140301_170226 20140301_170239

….and then Brenda took the stage with a flourish and kept us spellbound with her dancing words performed in front of one of her large format canvases.

20140301_175102 20140301_175047

Brenda’s paintings are full of great passion and energy and I was drawn to a number of her pieces, including a somewhat unclothed young man whose rear-view portrait was intriguing and beguiling (hence my faux “art aficionado” serious selfie, below).

20140301_170318 20140301_170335 20140301_175356

Big thanks to the great team at Urban Gallery (below) for hosting the soiree. I’m looking forward to future visits there to support local artists.  Left to right: CALVIN HAMBROOK (gallery manager), the lovely KASPARA ALBERTSEN who struck a very sassy pose, and curator ALLEN SHUGAR


All the artists can be found and followed on Facebook, and I encourage you to visit www.urbangallery.ca for upcoming exhibits and events.










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