GIDDY-UP…THE RIDER newspaper hosts artist BRUCE K. LAWES at Can-AM Equine Expo

20140329_132317Saturday March 29th – Orangeville, Ontario: What an exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable event! Renowned artist BRUCE LAWES was hosted at this year’s Can-Am Equine Expo event north-west of Toronto by the province’s premier equine newspaper, THE RIDER yesterday and the crowds beat a path to the booth all day!

20140329_114611 20140329_155341

Although the snow still lay thick on the ground surrounding the Orangeville Agricultural Fairgrounds (top), it was warm and toasty inside as Rider publisher, BARRY FINN (above left) helped Bruce (above right) set up his easels and stunning original paintings and canvas giclees (prints).

Even before the paintings had been unwrapped, the fans and admirers poured into the booth….

20140329_120008 20140329_120542 20140329_123340 20140329_151441

…and we even welcomed some celebrity visitors, too, including ….

20140329_122101photo (3)

…and we were thrilled to welcome international “horse whispering” star (and fellow Aussie) GUY McLEAN (pictured below)who was conducting educational sessions as well as showcasing his amazing horses at the Expo. Talk about the real deal – Guy, whose booth was next to The Rider’s, was just  like The Man from Snowy River of legendary Aussie literary fame, and his lovely wife Emily and I chatted about all the things we missed from back home: Lamington cakes, Cherry Ripes and Pollywaffle chocolate bars, and Guy’s favourite and mine: the Aussie meat pie! Oh, my tummy was groaning after all that culinary reminiscing.

20140329_133459 20140329_133558 20140329_160751 20140329_160927

Of course, I just had to take a selfie with one of Bruce’s gorgeous original paintings....but I wish my arms were longer – from my expression, it looks like the horse had just bitten my bum!

20140329_140015Thanks again to Barry and his Rider staff, John and Kelly, for making Bruce feel so welcome. And a big thank you to rock-star cowboy Guy McLean for dropping by and comparing horsey notes with Bruce. For more information on everyone here, please visit their websites:






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