Attendant – Great coffee in a unique setting!

Sechy is a fellow-Aussie and I love following her adventures abroad. This particular story offers a whole new take on the chi-chi poo-poo coffeehouse community….spend a penny and drink a latte! You look a little flushed there, mate. LOL

Sechys Diary


Attendant Espresso is a cafe that has made clever use of an unusual space …

Attendant is cool! This aussie girl loved it. We came upon this little cafe on Foley St as we were casually strolling and our curiosity was piqued.


 Inside is a funky little retro style cafe serving amazing coffee! I was quite surprised and delighted when I took my first sip, it was a beautifully full flavored and well made coffee without a hint of bitterness. This is definitely a must for coffee lovers.20140316-175949.jpg

 As we were sitting there drinking the delicious coffee and taking in our surroundings it came to our realization that we were actually drinking coffee inside a restroom! “Um… Honey are they… urinals?”

So there you have it, an old restroom has been transformed into a funky cafe! Ok, I found this sooo interesting and clever but my hubby was a bit…

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One thought on “Attendant – Great coffee in a unique setting!

  1. Sechys Diary says:

    Ha ha, Love your commentary! Thanks honey!! 🙂

    Lots of love

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