PLEASE SUPPORT CIUT-FM RADIO! An invaluable grass-roots media source

For many years, I have had the pleasure of hearing my clients interviewed and featured on various CIUT-FM radio shows and as the station’s listenership has grown due to internet access and Rogers’ digital TV simulcasts, so has my clients’ exposure, resulting in raised awareness, increased ticket sales and support from other media vehicles. I cannot thank CIUT- 89.5FM enough, in particular NIK BEAT and NANCY BULLIS of Tuesday night’s HOWL! show. Please donate to the station during their funding campaign – we can’t support our artists without them.  Below I’ve posted an open letter from their station manager and visionary, Ken Stowar.

CIUTThe Sound of The City Membership Drive for CIUT 89.5FM

 Wednesday, April 9th to Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

 A letter from Ken Stowar, Station Manager, CIUT-FM

This is the most important and necessary call out of its kind in the history of CIUT-FM.   Due to unfortunate circumstances, CIUT requires a new transmitter.  If you make only one donation to CIUT during your lifetime, now is the time to do it.  The hope is that each and every listener, supporter, friend, etc., can donate $50.00 or more.  Our goal is $160,000.00.  Generally, only 1% of CIUT listeners donate during any membership drive, so if 4% of the stations listeners make a contribution then the required funds to cover the purchase and installation of a new transmitter will be covered.   A new transmitter for CIUT will provide sound and reception unlike anything the radio station has been able to deliver in its entire 27 year history. Please help make this happen.

Why does CIUT need a new transmitter?  On Sunday morning, April 6th, the CIUT transmitter located at First Canadian Place, one that has served the radio stations needs for the past 27 years, died.   This is a catastrophic event for all of us at the radio station and you, too. CIUT is broadcasting right now solely due to the valiant effort of our station engineer. He has hooked up a power amp directly into the antenna located at First Canadian Place. Obviously, this is not ideal.  The broadcast reach on FM has been severely diminished.  CIUT is only being received by some of its listeners in the city of Toronto.  The CIUT licensed coverage area includes Barrie to Buffalo, Kitchener to Cobourg.  Because CIUT cannot uphold this broadcast commitment it leaves the operation in a very urgent and desperate situation. CIUT needs a new transmitter, and it’s needed now.  The transmitter is the heart of any radio operation. Without one, one cannot live.  Imagine television with the inability to view the picture.

Thank you in advance for your donation. You can go to and donate by PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account.   Of course, beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, April 9th through to Tuesday April 15th, The Sound of Your City membership drive campaign will be running.  It is during this campaign that you may call our donation telephone lines, 416-946-7800 or toll free at 1-888-204-8976.  Or you can drop by to make your donation in person at the CIUT broadcast studios and office located in Hart House, University of Toronto.

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