OH, WHAT A FEAST! Tasty new Lebanese restaurant opens in Toronto





Well, that was a lunch and a half! Just opened this past Saturday, M’ZAAR offers the freshest home-made Lebanese cuisine you can find in Toronto. Owner MOE ABDALLAH treated me to a dee-lish Falafel plate (below) that featured tender, perfectly cooked falafel balls with a fresh salad and pickles, with home-made hummus, along with roast potatoes, fresh warm pita and a icy cold lemon drink that refreshed and was the perfect compliment to the mildly spicy platter.

20140409_145432Moe was kind enough to offer samples of some of his other specialities including the tender and tasty Kafta (below), a mashed meat treat that I will certainly go back and order. Yummmmm

20140409_151720 20140409_151717

And I also tasted the unique pineapple Chicken Shawarma (below) – a fresh and delicate flavour that will appeal to those who are a little afraid of spicy food. You cannot go wrong with that and you won’t get the burps!


The restaurant itself offers a casual ambiance with brand new, comfortable seating and even a romantic fireplace in the back section. There is also a large flat screen TV for watching Euro soccer matches…or any other programs the customers want to watch.


20140409_151913 20140409_151900 20140409_151707

I cannot stress enough the freshness of the food and the passion that Moe and his lovely assistant Elsa (pictured below, proudly displaying some of their vegetarian kebabs) put into their service. In their kitchen, other members of Moe’s family create all the dishes fresh each day, using traditional Lebanese recipes that will tickle your taste buds and have you going back for more again and again.  If you’re around the  neighbourhood and feel like a healthy, affordable meal or even just a quick snack, do drop in and tell them I sent you.  M’ZAAR is located at 668 Yonge Street (west side, between Bloor & Wellesley) T: 647-350-0666

Elsa & Moe 2 Elsa & Moe










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