BATTLE CRY! Kickstarter campaign for Civil War TV mini-series ‘TO APPOMATTOX”

From the writer of SPY GAME & the director of BAND OF BROTHERS!

TO APPOMATTOX follows Grant’s ascent from military disgrace and family destitution to leading the greatest army ever assembled on this continent.  From West Point – where we see friends become our future “Band of Generals” – to the burning gates of Mexico City; from the corridors of Lincoln’s War Department and the intimacy of the bedroom; to gore-filled trenches of horrific slaughter; where friendships dissolve into hatred; enemies find grace in forgiveness.

This exciting mini-series portrays a story of love and loss through the modern lens of intimate characterization so that the great divisions that confronted these men and women can provide fresh perspective on the divisions in the United States today. For those who remember the popular Emmy Award-winning North and South mini-series of the 1980’s, TO APPOMATTOX is the perfect historical entertainment showcase for a whole new generation.

With this Kickstarter campaign, TO APPOMATTOX has the very real chance of becoming the FIRST EVER audience-demanded, audience-backed television mini-series event.


Producer: Michael Frost Beckner Renowned screenwriter, television creator/executive producer [SPY GAME, SNIPER, CBS’ THE AGENCY].

Director: Mikael Salomon Emmy Award-winning director and Academy Award-nominated cinematographer  [BAND OF BROTHERS, BACKDRAFT, THE ABYSS].

And an impressive list of historians and Civil War advisors including:  Chief Historian Emeritus of the National Park Service Ed Bearss, bestselling and Award-winning historian and novelist Thomas Fleming, Award-winning author Edward Longacre, Director of the U.S. Grant Foundation, Dr. John Marszelak, Award-winning author and the production’s historical advisor JD Petruzzi, Founder of the Ulysses S. Grant Foundation John Y. Simon (deceased), professor and author Dr. Mark A. Snell, Award-winning Lincoln scholar Ronald C. White, Award-winning author Gordon Rhea.

The cast that includes:

Jason O’Mara (The Good Wife) as “Ulysses S. Grant” / Damian Lewis (Homeland) as “William Sherman” / Noah Wyle (ER) as “Pickett” / Stephen Lang (Avatar) as “John Brown” /country music icon Dwight Yoakam as “Meade” / NASCAR’s Carl Edwards as “John Gordon” and Jeff Hammond as “Jubal Early” / country music stars Gary Levox as “Combs” and Kix Brooks as “Scott”

Damian stephen lang carl

Please visit the Kickstarter campaign site:

STOP THE PRESSES! Renowned artist Bruce K. Lawes ( ) will be painting portraits of the main characters/historical figures featured in To Appomattox, and limited edition prints from one of his original artworks for the film will be offered as benefits to those pledging specific levels. Follow the Kickstarter campaign for news of this and other special thank-you’s for your financial support.  Bruce painted a stunning large format canvas of “Pickett’s Charge” (titled “Brothers in Arms” –  pictured below left) at Gettysburg last year, live from the battlefield during the 150th anniversary re-enactment. He is currently finishing work on a portrait of the young George Armstrong Custer (pictured below right), and Bruce will have both with him when he attends the Gettysburg re-enactment again this July 4th weekend along with the To Appomattox production team.

Bruce Lawes- Brothers in Arms work in progress           Custer, Before the Storm (email file) (1)


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