A photographic exhibition by
 Opening Reception Thursday May 8th 6:00pm to 9:00pm
URBAN GALLERY, 400 Queen St East, Toronto
RSVP no later than May 5th to: urbangalleryart1@gmail.com

URBAN GALLERY  is proud to host I SEE, a collaborative exhibition throughout the month of May, between photographer Anna Keenan and animator Lucy Snyder as part of this year’s annual Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival. Through a series of black and white images, Anna captures Lucy’s exploration of how she expresses her emotions physically through movement. This is Lucy and Anna’s third collaboration.

“We relate to others through their physical and verbal expression. We hear them and we see them. However, we cannot see our own emotions expressed physically. How would we relate to ourselves if we could see what others see?” These are questions the artists pose and seek to address in their work. Snyder and Keenan work collaboratively to explore the physical changes in their emotions through a series of expressive nude and clothed poses.


Anna Keenan is a professional photographer who has a special affinity towards portraits. Her strength lies in her ability to make her clients feel comfortable in front of the lens. This allows her to focus on capturing their personality. Her subjects include: Pharell Williams, Jill Scott, R. Kelly, Maestro, Sean Paul, Ric Flair and Steve Nash and clients include: Sony/BMG, Virgin/EMI, Universal Music, Atlantic Records and Focus Features. http://www.annakeenanphotography.com

Lucy Snyder is an animation director whose work spans the gamut from claymation, stop-motion, flash 2D to Computer animation and graphics. She has worked on feature films, television series and commercials. Her clients include: Disney, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, ABC, Universal and Focus Features.

I spoke with Urban Gallery’s event coordinator, Kaspara Albertsen, asking her to share thoughts on photography as an artform and share gallery owner Calvin Hambrook’s and curator Allen Shugar’s feelings about photography and the month-long Contact Festival


Have you had any previous photographic exhibitions at Urban (and who)?
We’ve showcased some great photographers since we opened in November 2012, including: Robert Brodey, Patrick Lightheart, Brian Bantugan, Tasha Paulus, Kaspara Albertsen and Alex Taves.

How important do you think photography is as far as art collecting?
Throughout photography’s history, it’s taken time for photography to establish itself as an art form, and with an increasing population of smart phones and hobbyists, it can be hard for a photographer to establish themselves artistically. That being said, some of our favourite pieces are photographs, they serve as a window to a beautiful moment in time. Photography has become increasing popular over the past years, and photos are a smart addition to a collection and a smart investment going forward for serious collectors.

Who are your favourite photographic artists & do you have any of their photos on your own walls at home?
Nick Brandt, Edward Burtynsky, Ansel Adams, Monica Ellingsen, Annie Leibowitz, Johnnie Eisen and Guy Bourdin are just a few of our favourites – gallery owner, Calvin Hambrook, and curator, Allen Shugar, have Johnnie Eisen, Kaspara Albertsen and Alexis Duclos in their Lake Shore home. In the home of gallery event coordinator, Kaspara Albertsen, you will find Jessica Kehrli, Helena Krekling and Monica Ellingsen.

How important do you feel the CONTACT Festival is for promoting photography as an art form?
The Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival is an exciting time of the year to see what established and emerging photographic artists are up to, and to experience the vast array of expression and artistry coming through the lens. The experience is always beautiful ranging the human experience and beyond to the things we don’t see.

Photography is an amazing artform, it gives you a glimpse of the world around us through the artist’s eyes, reminding us of the beauty and unsettling aspects of our existence.KEENAN-SNYDER May 2014

Check out http://www.UrbanGallery.ca for information on this and all future exhibitions, gallery hours and directions.

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