web_downtonAbbey_may2014What a lovely lady-like afternoon I spent today with the promo folks from ZOOMER MEDIA and the friendly staff at WILLIAM ASHLEY’s fine china and housewares store at the Manulife Centre in Yorkville (Toronto). It was DOWNTON ABBEY DAY and all the customers were served tea in English china cups and saucers, treated to cucumber sandwiches (yum) and biscuits – shortbread & ginger snaps were my favourites.  At the store entrance, we were met by three awesome Brit autos, including this sexy Rolls next to an even sexier red Jag (below), after which I was greeted at the entrance by Mr. Carson himself!

20140510_134534 20140510_134631

We enjoyed some lovely jazzy tunes by the  Terra Hazelton Trio…20140510_134759(0)







….and I was thrilled to meet a couple of real Toronto Ladies, Liz & Connie (pictured below), who attended in full stately home attire.

20140510_135751 20140510_135757

Zoomer Media was there, interviewing some of the invited experts who spoke on high tea, under-stairs service in the early 1900’s and other historical/cultural subjects.   20140510_140853And I spied some beautiful china that I would love to add to my collection, too. Trouble is, I need my own lady’s maid to keep it all polished and ready for use.

20140510_141017 20140510_141023

Upon leaving, I was presented with a lovely gift bag containing the latest issue of Zoomer magazine and a Downton Abbey CD containing music from the TV series. What a lovely adventure I had this afternoon, of which, I’m sure, Lady Mary would thoroughly approve.

20140510_140742 20140510_140755 20140510_140800

Pick up your own Downton Abbey collection of fine English china at:

Follow all the Downton Abbey news at:

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  1. Nik Beat says:

    Congratz Glenda

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