Last night I spent an enjoyable few hours travelling back in time with the cast of RealSpace Theatre’s latest comedy The Rise & Fall of Khamai Leon, a full-on spoof of the sixties spy thrillers that took place at the exclusive Queen’s Club, a secret chi-chi indoor tennis club in the heart of downtown Toronto.

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As the guests/audience arrived, welcome glasses of wine were offered and we all settled into the veddy veddy British colonial-style club rooms and waited for the dinner gong to clang – our tasty buffet menu was provided by super caterer Peggy Turcott (pictured below R)


20140524_200235 20140524_200248 20140524_200201

Thanks to RST founders Bruce Hunter and Erica Wood, the dinner & show package benefited the Doug Philpott Inner City Children’s Tennis Fund ( and Exec. Director Ceciley Parker was in attendance, too.

20140524_200512 20140524_194551

When we adjourned back to the club house lounge, we found a very oddly attired gentleman playing the baby grand…then all of a sudden, we were in the thick of the action…..a romantic drama erupted on the tennis court that soon became a hunt for a legendary spy who…..well, I won’t spoilt it for you but the wonderfully wacky cast of characters provided an hour of hilarity that had the entire audience in stitches.

20140524_211457 20140524_212013 20140524_212724 20140524_212959 20140524_214158 20140524_220321 20140524_215458 20140524_215506

Guns, knives, strange accents and wild colourful costumes made for a fun Saturday night live event.  RealSpace Theatre creates & presents audience-interactive comedies specific to the unique locations where they host their events – an old-fashioned diner with zombies (and the audience is on the menu!), a salvage yard, a car wash, an indoor tennis club – all present difficult staging issues but RST pulls it off with aplomb! Even the Mountie looked so real that several audience members were seen reaching for their i.d. wallets!

20140524_215503 20140524_220312 20140524_220731 20140524_221444

But our Mountie got his man…after chasing the mysterious Fakir (who turned out to be the good guy) across the tennis court and finally tackling the real bad guy (who was originally the good guy)…confused?  All was made clear by the curtain call!


20140524_221424 20140524_221426

Big thanks to Caroline Azar (consulting director), sound guy supreme JP (pictured below)…..


….and the terrific cast who kept everyone chuckling, gasping and oo’ing and aaah’ing.



Left to right: Tony Culverwell, Kris Siddiqi, Louise Pollard, Sean Fisher (rear), Erica Wood, Bruce Hunter (writer/director) & Jack Mosshammer

Follow RST’s antics and upcoming events at Theatre

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