Well, I finally surrendered to the whole anti-aging thing and got a facial, courtesy of the brand new Yorkville spa, FOREVER FLAWLESS located at 108 Cumberland (lower level) .

20140717_150117 20140717_150125

Over the past weekend, I was wandering around the neighbourhood, checking out some of the new businesses & stores opening up in the village when a charming young lady, Yuval Ohana (pictured below) stopped me and invited me (with my bestie, Erena) into the new space that was previously a crappy jewellery bar – it had been completely made over into a chic and shiny new spa.


Yuval explained how Forever Flawless offers “diamond infused” skin care lines containing natural, genuine diamond power as an exfoliating agent. This apparently enhances the penetration of the most advanced anti-aging ingredients deeper into the skin. Forever Flawless is a more non-invasive, affordable alternative to the traditional diamond microdermabrasion and diamond peeling treatments done at other leading spas.

20140717_160900 20140717_160942 20140717_161025

So I decided to give it a shot …my skin has been a bit dull and in need of a boost thanks to the crazy weather & humidity so today I took the plunge.  But first a modest disclaimer: I usually look a lot better than this – I went “commando” ….no make-up. Yikes!

20140717_150222 20140717_151318 20140717_152210 20140717_153519

Throughout the process, Yuval explained all the lotions, potions and unctions used (boy, they smelt good) and she has such a great touch with the face massage, I could have stayed there and fallen asleep…but all I kept thinking was “will this really make a difference on my weathered old hide?”.  Hell, yeah!


I may never be a supermodel or cover girl, but my skin simply sparkled when it was all over and I can’t wait to get all dressed up with full war-paint on Friday night. Va-va-voooom, baby!


Yuval then described all the products to me, showing me jars and bottles containing diamond infused lotions, creams and gels – my goodness, I must have had hundreds of dollars’ worth on my face!  It’s now close to midnight and my face still looks radiant, wrinkle-free and feels so soft and fresh. Forever Flawless truly is extraordinary and I want to send a big thank you to Yuval for working her magic on my face.  I highly recommend you drop in to check out the products and say hello to the lovely Yuval.

The store’s # is: 416-922-6041 and you can check out their entire product line and the history of the company at:  and follow them at







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