CEILING, music and lyrics by Sarah Fisher, Derek Hoffman and David Fischer

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Shot in numerous locations across Toronto, including Bayview Glen School, the video shows how everyone can push through the ceiling and be whoever they want to be in life, and if you want something badly enough, it’s worth working hard for. This philosophy has guided Sarah in her own life, and wanting to share this with others, Sarah was inspired to write this song with music industry pro’s Derek Hoffman and David Fischer.

In the video, the youngsters (students from Bayview Glen) show that you can achieve your dreams and goals when you truly believe in yourself, no matter how young (or old) you are. You can be a skater, a gymnast, you can be a musician, even a great cook…and if you work hard at relationships, those, too, can be successful and happy throughout your life. It reinforces self-respect and kindness, attributes that are rarely incorporated in today’s pop music videos.

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Featured in a very touching scene is an elderly serviceman reminiscing about his glory days in the military; that gentleman is, in fact, Sarah’s grandfather, Judge Hugh Foster, who fought in Normandy during WWII and landed on Juno beach where he lost a leg. When he returned from the war, he entered the legal profession eventually becoming a well-respected judge.

The skater is played by Carley Alison, an 18yr old cancer survivor who certainly pushed through the ceiling big time.  The little fairy princess girl is Sarah Kluge, and the cute-as-a-button dog is Gypsy, who belongs to Sarah’s sister, Kelly.

The inspirational video suggests all the images you see are simply pictures on a ceiling, and Sarah is seen in the closing scenes high atop a ladder putting up a heart.

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 Ceiling is available now on iTunes for just $0.99

If you’re in Toronto this Sunday (July 20) join Sarah at Yonge/Dundas Square for a live performance of Ceiling (approx.8:45pm) on the main stage of YOUTH DAY, a celebration of Canada’s young citizens. She will also be appearing at the Kids Help Phone booth between 5:30-6:30pm for autographs and photo opps (come take a selfie with Sarah). Sarah is the official spokesperson for KHP.

You can also see the Ceiling video at & you can follower Sarah at

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