I’d like to introduce you to a new passion project for my PR colleague, Chrissy Newton, who needs your support and your dollars for the upcoming fundraiser, Meet Me in Africa, starring some of our brightest, most talented entertainers. The event takes place on the evening of Wednesday August 20th at Speakeasy 21 on Adelaide W, downtown Toronto.  I hope to see you there…for complete information, check out  http://www.meetmeinafrica.ca.

With a passion for helping others locally and globally, public relations agency VOCAB Communications Founder Chrissy Newton recently launched her company’s philanthropic program called Meet Me in Africa which showcases how one person can make a social impact in the world.

Two years ago, Chrissy was on a charitable media trip with MTV Canada and Life Momentum looking to support a local Tanzanian youth based program and during her visit, she met a group of children at the Mama Jane Orphanage and decided to help upon her return home.  “I fell in love with the kids and fell in love with Mama Jane,” said Newton. “You can’t just go to Africa and go into some really underdeveloped areas and not come out changed.”

Africa 1

Newton returned to Arush in 2013 and got a greater sense of what’s needed at the orphanage. Her goal is to nurture the Arush orphanage and help develop youth-based programming, sustainable agricultural and housing development so Chrissy and a team of volunteers will visit the orphanage annually and work directly with the local youth and families.


For 2014, the goal is to build an outdoor kitchen and wooden fence. Chrissy confirms that all funds raised from VOCAB’s “Meet Me in Africa” August 20th fundraising event will go directly to these projects, including hiring local tradespeople to complete all the work. “[The project] may seem small, but it’s big for the orphanage,” says Newton.


This generous philanthropist truly believes in the people behind the brands she works with on a corporate level. Chrissy inspires her clients to go the extra mile to do good for the city while expanding their own brands. http://vocabcommunications.com/chrissy

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