A Visit to Westmount Galleries, Toronto – what stunning artwork!

I recently spent a delightful couple of hours enjoying the fine art exhibited at WESTMOUNT GALLERY in the west end of Toronto.  What a stunning display of Canadian and int’l artists who work in various mediums, and I found so many that I truly loved, I need to start buying lottery tickets to feed my new addiction.   Here are some examples of my favourite pieces….

20140823_114447 20140823_114109 20140823_113748 20140823_110150 20140823_110234

I adore this charming barnyard portrait of a blue rooster titled “Chickenizer” by Tim Hough

Blue cockerill

and these lovely miniatures of Victorian English seaside working ponies…

20140823_114500 20140823_114505

Speaking of horses, I found a few equine masterworks by award-winning artist (and client) Bruce K. Lawes including this stunning portrait of racing’s legendary mare, Zenyata (bottom).  www.bklawesart.com

20140823_105601 20140823_105936 20140823_105945

I also happen to love moo cows, too. Whenever I visit the country, I can usually call up the cows from far across fields and meadows…it’s a cool talent I have, calling cows!  This lovely lady (below) definitely needs to come home with me so I’m calling her now as I sit and type this story. Here cow cow cow……


There were some lovely seascapes by Robert Amirault that I sat and stared at for some time…I could almost hear the waves crashing on the shore.

20140823_110021 20140823_110059

There truly is something for every taste and bank account at Westmount Gallery and I was particularly thrilled to see a lovely landscape by one of my newest fave artists, Anthony Batten. His Newfoundland cottages are at the bottom of this set of photos….what do you think? Wouldn’t you just love to visit this down east fishing village?

20140823_114156 20140823_114328 20140823_105725 20140823_105859 20140823_105904 20140823_114054 20140823_110747 20140823_110013 20140823_110112 20140823_110250 20140823_110050 20140823_112559

The charming and knowledge gallery President is Judy Smith who presides over this “Disneyland” for art enthusiasts. She kindly posed for me in her office surrounded by some amazing paintings and sculptures. The woodland scene with deer takes up the entire wall to the left of her desk…it was so big, I could’t snap the whole thing. What a lovely view from her desk chair.

20140823_112932 20140823_112951 20140823_112916

When you enter the gallery, you’re met by a giant bronze heron …


…and when I was leaving by the side door, I noticed these delightful small originals of Toronto cityscapes.


Thank you to Judy, her husband Murray and the friendly gallery staff who made me feel so welcome. http://www.westmountgallery.com

20140823_105645 20140823_105730 20140823_105815 20140823_105824 20140823_111049

Come up and see us sometime!


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