Had a fun quick trip down to Leslieville today to meet up with jewellery designer Stephanie MacKay of “Made for Margaret” who has a pop-up store at the corner of Queen E and Logan every Fri/Sat.  Stephanie will also be at next weekend’s Beach Celtic Festival (Sept. 6 & 7) in Kew Gardens so come check out the great bling!

20140829_132628 20140829_132632 20140829_132637 20140829_132641

There was one particular gold-plated dark blue druzy ring I wanted to pick up…and I did! It fit just like Cinderella’s glass slipper!


Stephanie suggested I cool down from the hot afternoon sunshine with an ice cream from Ed’s Real Scoop, just down the street so off I went and soon found myself in gelato Disneyland!

20140829_124204 20140829_124142 20140829_124146

Oh my gawd…what a fantastic display of icy treats. And they were served by the delightful Emily who let me try the Tanzanian Dark Chocolate before I bought a cup.

20140829_125746 20140829_124249 20140829_124307

Yumm!!!  Check out Ed’s locations – -and if you drop in to the Leslieville store, say hi to Emily and ask for her recommendations. That girl knows her ice cream!

20140829_125512 20140829_12553520140829_125611

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