Thanks to an invitation from Jessica Glover of GLO Communications, I enjoyed a great kick-off to this year’s Toronto Int’l Film Festival with a visit to their Royal Suite in the Fairmont Royal York Hotel today in order to check out the cool goodies being delivered to incoming celebs and VIPs by Bask-It-Style (this is their 6th year presenting gift bags to the stars).

I was greeted by one of Jessica’s charming assistants, Sierra (below) then off we went, dropping into various rooms, sampling goodies, meeting vendors and learning about nifty new tech stuff, too.


I met the talented author Adrienne Kress (below) who was showcasing a number of her kids and young adult fiction – can’t wait to read the complimentary Kobo copy of her “Outcast” book. She’s also into steam punk so her book “The Friday Society” looks super cool. check out her work at  Adrienne also mentioned that she was involved with the hysterical “Ryan Gosling Must be Stopped” YouTube hit series so let’s go check that out.


I then met jewellery designer Tamara Kronis ( and the rep from DK Publishing (a UK-based publisher who specialized in fabulous coffee table books) , and then Sierra introduced me to renowned best-selling author Linwood Barclay (below) who was gifting visitors with his new thriller “No Safe House”…I got excited ’cause I thought he said “No Safe Horse” (I write for a horsey newspaper and offered to do a review for him…LOL). He kindly autographed a copy for me and it’s inscribed To Glenda: next book – horses! Brilliant…


I then noticed a fellow dropping an eReading device into a big jug of water…waaaaaa?!  Turns out it’s the new KOBO which is being launched in a few weeks’ time. OMG, how cool was that? Thanks for the demo, Rene.


Woohoo! My Mary Kay girls were in the house! How nice to find such lovely ladies who always make me look pretty. Marijana and Natalie are happy to show you some beautiful eye shadows, lip gloss and skin products –


Yummmmmmm…that’s all I can say about these awesome and very healthy fruit & veggie smoothies from Nature’s Touch ( Now I’m not usually keen on smoothies, I’ve always found them a bit sludgy or “gritty” but these are bloody great! Bravo, Nature’s Touch…you may have a convert on your hands!

20140903_140817 20140903_140821 20140903_141010 20140903_141019


After my shot of healthy smoothie, I decided to pass on the deelish frosty pops offered at the very crowded beer bar…



….and then I found two lovely ladies who were informing guests about philanthropic opportunities with Hope4Help and FreeThem/5th Annual Freedom Walk (below) I strongly recommend you visit their websites to see how you can make a difference.  and

20140903_141449 20140903_141506 20140903_141532

Big THANK YOU to Jessica (below) for her hospitality – congratulations on another successful and fun event!


Now back to that book….Linwood, you got me hooked!!


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