What a delightful delicious exhibition of art dedicated to all the things we love to eat!  URBAN GALLERY, located at 400 Queen St East in Toronto, launched their September show ART OF FOOD with an afternoon reception yesterday (Sat. Sept.6) welcoming all the artists whose work sparkled, shimmered and made us all salivate…like Janna Kroupko’s Gifts of Autumn (above), 20″ x 16″ oil on canvas.

The first talented painter I met was Eric Chong  (below) the contemporary Chinese-Canadian abstract artist whose delightful Fiddleheads (28″ x 38″ ink on rice paper) greeted visitors upon entering the spacious and bright gallery.


I then met Emebet Belete who has worked as an artist and educator in Canada, Ethiopia and China. Here (below) she shows off her Star Fruit Plus 39 1/2″ x 31 1/2″ acrylic on canvas to fellow artist Lindsey MacKay.

20140906_150223 20140906_145252

Colombian-born artist Angel Torres had two saucy paintings in the show – I call them “food burlesque”) – here he is showing off  Geisha Majikku (or Geisha Magic) 24″x 24″ photography on plexi…..


…and of course, I had to do my best/worst  impression of the naughty geisha!

Where’s Gene Simmons when we need his tongue?

20140906_150607Angel’s second piece Kankaku Anburoshia (or Sensorial Ambrosia) is a photo on metallic paper (20″ x 20″)


The charming Aisha Chiguichon posed with her Soul Food acrylic on canvas (12″x 36″), explaining that each fruit/veggie represented one of the chakras. There was always a crowd around Aisha’s painting as everyone tried to name all the forked treats.


Janna Kroupko has a second piece in the show; here is Red Wine, a 20″ x 16″ oil on canvas…. the cherries looked so real and juicy, I was almost tempted to reach up and grab a handful!


Ten Fruits (27 1/2″ x 20 1/2″) by Toronto’s Giovanni Lombardi stood out with its monochromatic ink on paper. The artist was able to achieve great depth and standing in front of the piece, I just wanted to run my fingers over and thru the 10 fruits.


St. Thomas, ON native Barbara McCormack works out of her Naples, Florida, studio as well as her Ancaster, ON home-base. Here she shows off her stunning Pomegranates III acrylic on canvas (30″x 30″)


Urban Gallery is part of the Urban Source Catering family and for many years, artist Valerie J. McMurray worked with them as chef.  Here she showcases her artistic talents with the 36″ x 72″ oil on canvas Wild Rose Hips.


One of my favourite pieces in the show is Lindsey MacKay’s Manger a l’Exterieur a shimmering 40″ x 30″ acrylic & liquid gold leaf portrait of a soon to be devoured lone lobster sitting in a seascape populated by little sailboats. Photographs do not do this painting justice…you gotta see it in person to get the full effect of the shiny, glittering gold leaf.


Toronto painter & woodcarver Alexander Koltakov was raised in Crimea, and lived in Israel for 17 years prior to coming to Canada. He proudly showed off his Two Pomegranates by the Window acrylic on canvas.


The afternoon reception was a rousing success with all artists welcoming their friends, family and art aficionados, while enjoying the equally delicious spread courtesy of Urban Source Catering.


The Art of Food runs until the end of September so you MUST visit to peruse the menu on the gallery walls. And on September 18th, there will be a special foodie media event featuring edible treats sampled beneath these canvases.   http://www.UrbanGallery.ca 

20140906_151215 20140906_151220 20140906_145442

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