Woke to a grey Thursday in Ottawa but the folks here are warm and friendly and all seem ready to laugh their tube sox off during our shows this week! After downloading some more pics from last night’s show at the Velvet Room (below, featuring comic magician David Merry with his unsuspecting volunteer from the audience – 1st pic)….

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…I grabbed my morning coffee and a few photos of the city before hitting the laptop and phone to pitch more local media to come out see what amazing comedy talent this country has. Already fallen in love with Ottawa – great stores, friendly locals, extremely polite drivers who let pedestrians go first, and hot soldiers in sexy camo….LOL

20140911_121843 20140911_121859 20140911_122958 20140911_130721 20140911_131347

Some of the old buildings remind me of Hogwarts….

20140911_124734 20140911_124908 20140911_124916

…and then I found where our tax dollars go, too…..

20140911_125016 20140911_125022

On my way back to the hotel, I saw this cool shop window….HAY, is that ceramic head sticking its tongue out at ME?


TONIGHT: shows at the Yuk Yuk’s and Absolute Comedy clubs – visit for details and ticket info.

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