Friday was another night of great showcases across the city of Ottawa. Yuk Yuk’s and Absolute Comedy clubs featured the who’s who of stand-up while over at the Ottawa Little Theatre, we had two shows featuring stars of stand-up, improv and TV .  So wonderful to be welcomed by the staff and mgmn’t of . Big thanks to Evan Clark, Dir. of Mkt’g and Communications, for his advice and insights to the Ottawa entertainment landscape.


We’re pleased to welcome Mr. Hollywood himself, Matt Demers, and his TV crew who will be taping interviews with the comedy stars all Awards weekend.    He lost no time in grabbing show host Cathy Jones for the first face-to-face (below)

20140912_190424Cathy had a blast schmoozing with The Sufferettes prior to their own interview with Mr. Hollywood….



20140912_191152CCA founder Tim Progosh (below) was grilled on the state of comedy art and just how important the Canadian Comedy Awards are to the entertainment industry.

20140912_191644 20140912_191811Nug Nahrgang, host of tonight’s Improv Jam (at Arts Court) dropped by to plug his show…


Then Ron Sparks and Wes Borg invaded the “studio” and wreaked hilarious havoc on Mr. Hollywood’s set!

20140912_192751 20140912_193237Mark Little was interviewed just before he went on stage (where he killed it!) …

20140912_194142In between shows (there were 2 shows Friday  night at the OLT), I made sure the De-fib was on site and in working order in case somebody laughed so hard, they ……. well, you know!? We’re good to go.

20140912_202843Chris Timms, one of the finalists from the Funniest Person in the Valley competition joined us…

20140912_21503720140912_215105…as did last year’s Funniest Person, Greg Schroeder (below)  who was bit disappointed he hand to surrender the crown!

20140912_215741 20140912_215819At 10:30pm, comedians for The Naughty Show took the stage and delivered some pretty fearless performances. Below, Mr. Hollywood  created an interesting foursome with Rebecca Kohler, Julia Hladkowicz and Chris Locke

20140912_221145 20140912_221219

…and Darren Frost really got into the spirit of showbiz by hijacking Mr. Hollywood’s champagne and downing it in one gulp!


Throughout the night, we had a real comedy “super fan” Chantelle hang with us in the Mr. Hollywood studio.  Thanks for your laughter and support!

20140912_222100The Ottawa Little Theatre is quite the old-school theatrical venue and certainly worth a visit. Upon entering the upstairs lobby, the first thing that caught my eye was the stunning mid-century wall sculptures (below) and the lovely art which was part of a display by the local arts society (bottom 2 pics).

20140912_182702 20140912_182747 20140912_201453 20140912_182715Even theatre manager Ian is a talented artist – he proudly showed off his comedy/drama mask piece. Hmm, I wonder who modeled for these?

20140912_182831Tonight – Saturday night – is the Variety Gala at the OLT hosted by Matt Baram and Naomi Snieckus and features some incredible talent including Scott Thompson, Peter ‘n’ Chris, Rebecca Kohler, David Pryde and Wes Borg. There are still a few tickets  available so visit  now to buy on line (or at the door).


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