We had a monsoon-like rain storm here in Ottawa today that kinda dampened the publicity workshop and podcast panel that took place at the Arts Court this afternoon but a few hardy souls braved the downpour….big thanks to Al Connors (member of Crush Improv) who helped coordinate the venue for us. But Shelley Marshall and I were able to share insights and advice about self-promotion and digital/social media publicity and marketing to a small but appreciative audience. Here Shelley gets up close and personal with Garth Merkeley of Hot Thespian Action20140913_131346

Tonight’s big Variety Gala at the Ottawa Little Theatre was a blast! Great crowd laughed non-stop throughout the show. Hosted by Matt Baram and Naomi Snieckus (below)….

B&S…..the show featured Scott Thompson, Rebecca Kohler, David Pryde, Wes Borg and Peter’n’Chris. Matt Demers, a.k.a. Mr. Hollywood, was back with his crew to shoot celebrity interviews and first off we had the fabulicious Shelley Marshall who is nominated for her one woman show, Hold Mommy’s Cigarette.

20140913_191207 20140913_191405Then CCA Founder TimProgosh was interviewed by Elizabeth Gray-Smith, social columnist for iPolitics (

20140913_190021 20140913_190129Shelley & Elizabeth had an animated discussion on politics and theatre….

20140913_192846…Mr. Hollywood then pointed his camera and mic at Rick Wharton, Founder of the Funniest Person in the Valley contest. Rick and I are old friends, going back over 25yrs. He and his lovely wife Lorelei also tried out the Great White North set. Cool!

20140913_191839 20140913_192322We then asked our CCA nominee coordinator (i.e. comic wrangler) DeannaPalazzo to have a quick chat with Mr. Hollywood. Deanna is also an actor, producer, improvisor…what doesn’t she do?!

20140913_192813Throughout the entire CCA week, our Twitter goddess, Jennifer Murray, has been hard at work every day and night, making sure our social media is constantly updating, informing and entertaining our followers. At least tonight she got to sit down while she tap-tapped away!

20140913_193101We had quite a lot of fun with the Great White North set – here’s Deanna showing us her “inner hoser” …..

20140913_193345….and we just had to put Mr. Hollywood and his lovely camera assistant Jessica on the set, too. Coo-ook-ook-ook-koo-ook-koo-koo!

20140913_193905And then Elizabeth came back to the set with her hubby and they, too, got their “inner hoser” on!

20140913_193741(0)Jennifer and I made a quick pit stop over at Arts Court to catch a little improv action – here The Sufferettes finish a scene to raucous applause.


We have a fabulous team of hard-working volunteers and the lovely lady on the door at Arts Court gave us a nice smile, even after her long day/night of work.20140913_220022As Jenn and I were about to leave, we ran into Al Connors who was busy hosting the Improv party and I dragged him over to the photo wall for a few party snaps. Al, you crack me up!

20140913_220121 20140913_220126Good luck to all the nominees tomorrow night…see you at the Awards Gala.

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