MCCORMACK Pomegranates IIILast Thursday evening, URBAN GALLERY ( hosted a delicious sampling of local artisinal foods & beverages under the stunning art works that are this month’s special exhibition, The Art of Food.  Special guest was DAN GORDON of WHISKY & SPICE, the locally made mustards infused with beer, whisky and wine  (

ArtofFood24 ArtofFood23 20140918_172812

ArtofFood55Reps from Black Creek Brewery, brewers of the Porter beer Dan uses were on hand to serve as well as share the bounty (below)….

20140918_172831 ArtofFood17…and his wine partner, Pelee Island Winery, supplied bottles of the Lighthouse Riesling used in the Riesling & Apple mustard and their Monarch red for the occasion, too.

ArtofFood26 ArtofFood27


KROUPKO CherriesThe paintings of fruit, vegetables and other edibles made a spectacular backdrop for the foodies who also included the fabulous local chocolatier STELLA ZHAMKOCHIAN from CHOCOLACHOCOLA (  who introduced a brand new line of chocolate “pearls” that included chocolate coated spicy almonds, Macha Green Tea dusted chocolate coated almonds, triple chocolate cupcake pearls and milk chocolate Bing cherries. So yummy and so beautiful to look at….

ArtofFood28 ArtofFood35 ArtofFood29UrbanSource Catering‘s own CHEF LYNDON (below) outdid himself with an extraordinary table of charcouterie, hors d’oeuvres and pates made specially for the occasion. This man is a food STAR!


ArtofFood02 ArtofFood05 ArtofFood08 ArtofFood38The evening was attended by several well-known food bloggers as well as the artists whose paintings hung above the food.

ArtofFood40 ArtofFood53ArtofFood43

ArtofFood49 ArtofFood50

Big thank you to everyone at Urban Gallery and Urban Source Catering – Calvin, Wayne, Allen, Jean-Marc and the fabulous Kaspara  (below) who took many of the (nicer) photos here….

20140918_192213…as well as Dan, Stella and all the guests who spent a fun 90 minutes noshing on some of the city’s most delicious treats. As the clean up commenced, we shared a nip of Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, the all important ingredient in Dan’s Whisky Honey Mustard!



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