20141002_182655This past Thursday evening, Canadian artist J. DAVID MURPHY (above) unveiled his latest paintings in his “Rainbow Country” exhibition running throughout the month of October at URBAN GALLERY, 400 Queen St. East, Toronto.  His stunning oil on canvas paintings evoke the vast expanses of Ontario’s north country, featuring many rock faces, rivers and forest scenes.

20141002_180953 20141002_181030 20141002_182408David Murphy was born in Barrie and after graduating high school, he studied law at the University of Toronto, and got his Masters Degree at the prestigious London School of Economics. He was Law Clerk to the Chief Justice of Ontario, an associate and partner in a leading international law firm in Toronto, a law professor in Hong Kong, and a high court judge in the Cayman Islands. He retired in 2000 and returned to Canada after 13 years based on the Maltese island of Gozo.  He started experimenting with oil painting while a law student, inspired by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. As a lawyer practising commercial litigation in Toronto, he led a “secret life” taking art classes, and showing his work in juried collective exhibitions. While a law professor in Hong Kong, he experimented with watercolour and Chinese brush painting. He also developed a research specialty in art law, and authored a book on the legal aspects of the trade in Chinese art, published by Oxford University Press.

20141002_182711(0) 20141002_182730 20141002_182418Since retiring, Murphy has exhibited his paintings regularly at the prestigious LaCloche Art Show, Tom Thomson Days Juried Exhibition, and the Northern Ontario Art Association Exhibition. In Malta his work has appeared in the Arts Club Exhibition, the Collective Gozitan Art Exhibition (under the auspices of the European Parliament), the Collective Exhibition of Gozitan and Foreign Artists, the Eden Foundation Collective Art Exhibition, and “Lejlet Lapsi – Notte Gozitana” Art Exhibition.  He has had two prior solo exhibitions in Canada – in northern Ontario (2005) and Muskoka (2007); and two in Malta – in Victoria (2004) for the Government of Malta, and in Vittoriosa (2009) for the municipal government. He will present solo exhibitions at Beaux-Arts Brampton and at Urban Gallery in Toronto in 2014. Most recently he was Guest Artist at Peter Street Fine Arts Gallery in Orillia in 2013.

20141002_183356We were thrilled when one of the works (above) sold within an hour of the opening…congrats, David, and I hear two more may also be sold!

For more info on David’s paintings & gallery hours visit:


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