MA headshotI’m thrilled to announce that Fordham PR is now representing int’l award-winning filmmaker MICHAEL ALTMAN (above) with publicity and marketing for his extraordinary documentary, AMERICAN SONGWRITER, featuring American troubadour Danny Darst. 

NewPosterMasterCompleted 2 years ago, American Songwriter has won numerous international film festival awards for the director/producer and I’m looking fwd to introducing Toronto music & film audiences to the music, the artist and the documentary film experience.  You can purchase the soundtrack and view the trailer here:

IMG_0053 11 24 2010 177 IMG_7109Son of legendary director Robert Altman (considered by many to be the ultimate indie filmmaker), Michael grew up surrounded by filmmaking legends and superstars. At the age of 14, he co-wrote the song “Suicide is Painless” for the film M*A*S*H – in return for his songwriting he told producer Ingo Preminger that all he wanted was a guitar but Preminger insisted that Altman would be compensated in the regular manner and drew up a contract for his services. As it turns out, with Michael receiving royalties every time the song is played, he has wound up making far more than the $75,000 his father was paid to direct the film! Not a bad start to an auspicious career of his own.

Michael has worked as projectionist on such Hollywood favorites as Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (one of my own favorite comedies), Collateral Damage, The Majestic and Amistad; as assistant editor on the ground-breaking TV series Twin Peaks, and post-prod. supervisor on Richard Gere’s Dr. T and the Women.

dodgeball amistad 13th majestic

Welcome aboard, Michael!  Follow American Songwriter on Twitter: @AmerSngwrtr



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