Last Saturday, I made a flying visit down to Toronto‘s historic St.Lawrence Market  to meet up with a friend for lunch. While I waited for her, I snapped a few shots that show how wonderful the market is, even in overcast weather!

20141101_105156I walked therefrom the King subway, past the Scott Street location of one of my first jobs in the city in the mid-70’s – Royal Insurance (Investment dept.) and, woe and behold, the building has been brought down and another bloody condo is under construction (below)

20141101_104606 20141101_104641At least the gorgeous old Flatiron Bldg (below) is still standing – they take a wrecking ball to that and there will be thousands lined up in front!

20141101_10485420141101_105006So many wonderful century warehouses and buildings line the streets around the St. Lawrence Market, sadly most have been unsympathetically converted into tacky stores and chain restaurants, but if you look up, you can still “feel” the vibe of the 18th and 19th centuries.

20141101_104958 20141101_105057The north market, a newer 20th century building (and pretty ugly, too) is home to the weekly Saturday “farmers’ market” and ongoing Sunday antique markets – here are some sights I snapped prior to my lunch.

20141101_105334 20141101_105423

20141101_105611Sometimes it’s fun to play “tourist” in your own city…I encourage you all to do the same. I’m off to Chinatown next so will make sure my Samsung Galaxy is fully charged for snapping quick pics for you!




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