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Last night, 20yr old Canadian singer/songwriter, Mimi O’Bonsawin, unleashed such a powerful performance with her debut self-titled 12-track CD, that many in the industry-heavy audience were predicting fame, fortune and Taylor Swift-like future chart domination!!

20141112_202601 20141112_203846 20141112_202258Supported by some of the best musicians in Toronto (who also played on her album), Mimi tore up the stage of The Gladstone Hotel in downtown Toronto. Producer and co-writer Thomas Wade led the band with blistering guitar riffs and the lovely back-up singers were amazing, too!

20141112_202554 20141112_202410 20141112_205024For several of her songs, Mimi, of Canadian First Nations/French Cdn heritage, was joined on stage by the Metis Fiddler Quartet ( – pictured below – whose haunting sounds echoed throughout the Gladstone ballroom.

20141112_203852 20141112_203905 20141112_203924Audience members and celebrity guests had a blast, each receiving a copy of Mimi’s CD and lots of post-show photo opps….including Mimi with proud mum and dad (below)

20141112_214037Founding MuchMusic VJ and Cdn music industry icon, Michael Williams (below)

20141112_215007 20141112_215020And lots of Mimi’s friends and family turned out, including this tiniest of new fans (below)

20141112_195145 20141112_195027 20141112_195133(0) 20141112_195233 20141112_200046 20141112_212008Aspiring recording artist, Deena ( and her handsome fiance/personal manager Sam Sousi, came out to support Mimi, too…

20141112_203214 20141112_212324Cashbox Canada ( magazine’s Editor-in-Chief and show presenter, Sandy Graham, worked hard all night and for many weeks leading up to the concert to ensure Mimi’s launch party was a big success. Here’s Sandy (below) with musician Bill Wood (Bill Wood and the Woodies) and contributing music journalist Michael Williams

20141112_212122Don Graham (Sandy’s brother and outstanding Celtic musician) pictured below, MC’d the concert….

20141112_195743…and publisher/editor KJ Mullins covered the event (and shot me shooting her!)

20141112_195756Here are a few random pics from the start of the event including the all important set-up and sound-check to the post-show reception and stage tear-down…

20141112_183120 20141112_183530 20141112_183556 20141112_190325 20141112_195343 20141112_214618 20141112_214634 20141112_214650


MIMI album coverIt truly was a magical night, watching the birth of an exciting and inspiring new musical talent. Congrats and bravo, Mimi!




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