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About 18 months ago, I was introduced to one of Toronto’s unsung heroes, a woman who launched a news site that champions the underdog stories and gives a voice to those causes and issues that don’t get much exposure in mainstream media due to their lack of media “sexiness” or mass appeal. These are the stories that confront day-to-day life and issues in the naked city.  KJ Mullins is passionate about Toronto and her neighbours, and publishes her daily NEWZ4U.NET e-newspaper with the help of talented reporters and photographers dedicated to bringing the real news to you without corporate or advertiser “filters” and without fluff or filler content.

I recently sat down with KJ and asked her to tell us all about and what prompted her to create the site.


Tell us a little about KJ Mullins – what is your personal journalism/business background?
KJ: I started out in college on the journalism track but went to drama/psy instead. Ten years ago after other jobs and being a stay at home mom, I got the writing bug again and this time went full steam.  One of the first articles I wrote back in college helped to bring forth positive changes for disabled students rather quickly, and seeing that I could make a difference was really powerful.

KJ MullinsWhen was your website first launched?
KJ: I launched NEWZ4U.NET on May 12, 2010.

What first inspired you to create Newz4U & what news niche wasn’t being fulfilled by the national newspapers?
KJ: I wanted to get my voice out there and the voices of others who may not fit into the mainstream model. Social issues like homelessness, poverty, LGBT issues and the arts are often overlooked in the mainstream because if it’s not a ‘front and centre’ story it isn’t sexy. The same is true with stories on the city’s front line responders – in mainstream media the motto of if it bleeds it leads also means that stories about good works aren’t covered. It’s rare to find articles about the various Kops and Kids programs that do curb youth violence.

homeless porter_002 DSCF8097How did you source your first news items?
KJ: We have always sourced our news items in the same way; with on the scene and through interviewing with fact checking. We also use reliable newswires for additional coverage. 

What sort of feedback did you receive from readers once the first few editions were e-published?
KJ: Knock on wood, from the beginning we’ve had positive feedback. For the readers who had personal issues in the city like a pot hole appearing and reappearing at their Toronto Community Housing building which we helped to bring positive results, the feedback was extremely positive.


DSCF0879Who are your readers and how do you reach them?
KJ: Our readers are mostly from Toronto and are generally 25+, evenly mixed between genders. Most have university educations and many are movers and shakers. They are interested in social change and the arts.

DSCF3761As a web-based news source, what sort of reach does Newz4U enjoy?
KJ: In 2014 we had over 449K readers who read over 2.4 million articles. We average 31K monthly readers going through 146K articles.

What stories do you look for?
KJ: We are always looking for new stories about social issues. Fresh produce in the city, and childhood hunger is a current issue we are tackling hard. In Canada’s largest business city it is mind-blowing how many go to bed hungry every night or haven’t got a bed to sleep in. We’ve covered Pride and the Caribbean Festival for several years, looking into the areas that aren’t touched by mainstream.

DSCF2517The arts are also a strong interest for us. We cover as many events, big and small, as possible. Right now we are working on the RBC Taylor Prize and the Lionel Gelber Prize, both covering Canadian non-fiction literature. Each shortlisted book is read and reviewed prior to the prize announcements. It’s a lot of work but promoting our Canadian authors is very important. These men and women are putting forth some amazing work. Photography, fine arts and music are also a prime focus. We hope to be at the Junos this year with one of our newest writers whose focus is music.

DSCF8833 DSCF6408We will also be covering sports at the Pan Am Games. Our sports photographer, Hugh McClean, has been covering soccer and rugby in the past year, two sports that get very little coverage in the city.

?????????????????????Do you offer sponsored pages or ad space and if so, what is the range of $s?
KJ: This is a hard one for us but yes we do have ad space. Ads run from $25 to $150 a month depending on placement. We have plans to change up our layout in mid-March/early-April that will allow for pages to be sponsored as well. Prices for this are still in the works.

We also have a sponsorship program which gives ‘free’ ad space for Toronto small businesses. Our Angel sponsors keep us going and growing.

NEWZ4U.NET gives back to the community by offering local grassroots and small charities space for promoting themselves and their events for FREE.

How do people reach you for editorial coverage and/or advertising?
KJ: We are always available via email at We respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday. You can always get in touch with me personally on Twitter @kjjournalist.

20141018_143931Above photo: G.J. Fordham

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Monday Walkabout in Ottawa, Canada

The Canadian Comedy Awards week is done and dusted…whew! My PR colleague, Jennifer, and I survived the organized chaos of a major awards show and finally got to play tourist in Ottawa for 2 hrs before leaving for our train back to Toronto. Here’s our quickie trip around the historical parliament buildings and various points of interest…some I covered solo in my previous blog. So much more fun with a friend and some sunshine, yes? Jenn took a quick pick of the big Catholic church opposite the National Art Gallery – the silver covered spires sparkled in the sunshine.

20140915_123644We then took a hike up and around “Champlain Point” which offered stunning vistas across to Quebec and all across the city and hills.

20140915_124103 20140915_124135 20140915_124302 20140915_124315 20140915_124340 20140915_124354 20140915_124416

20140915_124457 20140915_124537 20140915_124613 20140915_124646 20140915_125041(0)I was careful to tell Jenn (above) not to back up too far as the cliff was right there….aaaaaaargh!  Then Jenn got me to do my best impression of Ottawa’s hostess with the mostest! Ladies and gentlemen, may I present….the capital

20140915_125119So much beautiful green space and flower gardens…we snapped away at everything and anything

20140915_125746 20140915_125752 20140915_125905 20140915_125947 20140915_130121Jenn got into the statues and helped a family with their group shot!

20140915_130510 20140915_130613

We circled the fabulous Hogwarts-style Chateau Laurier hotel (below) with all its fancy-schmancy architecture & walkways along the Rideau Canal.

20140915_13081120140915_130858 20140915_130928 20140915_130937 20140915_131052 20140915_131210Then it was back to the hotel to pack out suitcases and head to the train station. Thanks to Kathleen from Yuk Yuk’s Ottawa who graciously offered to drive us and a couple of other comedy guests….

20140915_131249 20140915_142228 20140915_142237…and we finally made it. Poor Jennifer looks tired but happy it’s all over, and I felt exactly the same (hope you appreciate my lack of a selfie here as I looked pretty scary with no make-up, no sleep and no energy).

20140915_145500 20140915_145512 20140915_151050Toronto, here we come……oh, oh, look…. horsies!

20140915_152631The little kid in me made a surprise visit…haa! I also saw a cheeky groundhog and a big white-tailed deer dart away from the tracks – I watched her disappear into the brush alongside the rails – too quick to snap a photo. How wonderful.  Am now home and ready for a nice cuppa tea and the comfort of my own bed. Thank you for such a warm welcome, Ottawa. I’ll be back soon.


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A Visit to Westmount Galleries, Toronto – what stunning artwork!

I recently spent a delightful couple of hours enjoying the fine art exhibited at WESTMOUNT GALLERY in the west end of Toronto.  What a stunning display of Canadian and int’l artists who work in various mediums, and I found so many that I truly loved, I need to start buying lottery tickets to feed my new addiction.   Here are some examples of my favourite pieces….

20140823_114447 20140823_114109 20140823_113748 20140823_110150 20140823_110234

I adore this charming barnyard portrait of a blue rooster titled “Chickenizer” by Tim Hough

Blue cockerill

and these lovely miniatures of Victorian English seaside working ponies…

20140823_114500 20140823_114505

Speaking of horses, I found a few equine masterworks by award-winning artist (and client) Bruce K. Lawes including this stunning portrait of racing’s legendary mare, Zenyata (bottom).

20140823_105601 20140823_105936 20140823_105945

I also happen to love moo cows, too. Whenever I visit the country, I can usually call up the cows from far across fields and meadows…it’s a cool talent I have, calling cows!  This lovely lady (below) definitely needs to come home with me so I’m calling her now as I sit and type this story. Here cow cow cow……


There were some lovely seascapes by Robert Amirault that I sat and stared at for some time…I could almost hear the waves crashing on the shore.

20140823_110021 20140823_110059

There truly is something for every taste and bank account at Westmount Gallery and I was particularly thrilled to see a lovely landscape by one of my newest fave artists, Anthony Batten. His Newfoundland cottages are at the bottom of this set of photos….what do you think? Wouldn’t you just love to visit this down east fishing village?

20140823_114156 20140823_114328 20140823_105725 20140823_105859 20140823_105904 20140823_114054 20140823_110747 20140823_110013 20140823_110112 20140823_110250 20140823_110050 20140823_112559

The charming and knowledge gallery President is Judy Smith who presides over this “Disneyland” for art enthusiasts. She kindly posed for me in her office surrounded by some amazing paintings and sculptures. The woodland scene with deer takes up the entire wall to the left of her desk…it was so big, I could’t snap the whole thing. What a lovely view from her desk chair.

20140823_112932 20140823_112951 20140823_112916

When you enter the gallery, you’re met by a giant bronze heron …


…and when I was leaving by the side door, I noticed these delightful small originals of Toronto cityscapes.


Thank you to Judy, her husband Murray and the friendly gallery staff who made me feel so welcome.

20140823_105645 20140823_105730 20140823_105815 20140823_105824 20140823_111049

Come up and see us sometime!


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Each year in August, I attend the Incentiveworks conference and trade show in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where I get to meet up with old friends in the meetings and events industry, make some new biz connections and check out new opportunities to explore.  This year, I took Jennifer Murray, an Events/Mkt’g/PR student going into her last year at Humber College’s program and she had a blast! Sometimes it’s good to see things you take for granted through a newbie’s eyes. Big thanks and congrats to organizer Robin Paisley and her team for another great year at Incentiveworks.


One of the first booths was Berber Lounge (pictured above) where they set up the giant (and very comfortable) booth similar to their venue located at Front St East, Toronto. Lots of yummy taste treats but where were the belly dancers? I needed to wiggle off a few pounds..LOL

Jennifer and I loved meeting the men of Cheesewerks – Toronto’s premiere big cheeses!  We spent a long time tasting their apple & cheese samples – .in fact, we were little piggies. Yum yum yum

20140820_130326 20140820_130333 20140820_130337 20140820_130342

Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery of Niagara made a beautiful statement with their rustic booth (below) …loved the decor.

20140820_130835 20140820_130841

Then we moved down the aisles and had a little chocolate-money fun at the Caesars Windsor booth. They know how to spoil trade show visitors!

20140820_131847 20140820_131854

Jenn and I had our pictures taken with a big furry friend at the Arctic Kingdom Marine Expeditions booth. Grrrrrr. The polar bear (made of borg, not real fur) was so cute and cuddly, Jennifer near fell on top of him as he tumbled over after she hugged him a bit too much!! Think it was all the sparkly stuff we had at Caesars…LOL

20140820_132841 20140820_132923


We were thrilled to meet up with the reps from the host hotels for the upcoming Canadian Comedy Awards in Ottawa. Patrick from Les Suites and Melanie from the Courtyard Marriott posed with Jennifer (below)


I always love visiting the various Maritimes booths (the reps are always so damned friendly) and this year, I took Jennifer to Pr. Edward Island where she showed her prowess with a putter! She shoots…she scored! Me, too…and we ended up with a handfull of black and blue ball markers. Sounds rude but if you’re a golfer, you’ll know what they are…and I have a bunch of ’em, if anyone wants them!

20140820_135852 20140820_135858 20140820_135901

After all the drinkies, it was time for a visit to the loo and one of the service companies, Star Meetings, had decorated the ladies room….I couldn’t resist snapping these loo pics!

20140820_140505 20140820_140521

Back on the trail looking for cool booths, we then found Universal Links who had a “special guest” in their booth….LOL! Stick your head thru Rob Ford’s tummy and snap a pic. I just couldn’t stoop that low – literally – my back was hurting!

20140820_150045 20140820_150113

Loved these cute rubber duckies we found at the Calgary booth…one now sits proudly on the side of my own tub.


We met these super friendly ladies who told us all about the Metropolitan Hotel – we noticed they had colour-coordinated their wardrobes to match the booth. Apparently, they said, it was a happy accident. Love the fresh flowers.


Jennifer entered a cool contest to win a flight, courtesy of Porter Airlines. Good luck, Jenn, you gotta take me with you if you win.


And then I introduced Jennifer to the rep for CanSPEP, an organization for professional meetings and events people. They offer valuable information and networking opps for new graduates such as Jenn as well as industry pro’s such as myself.


Another sponsor for the Canadian Comedy Awards was also there, VIA RAIL, so we got to try out their comfy seats. Hope our trip up to Ottawa is just as nice as this.


Sole Power Productions welcomed all the visitors to Incentiveworks with their groovy music and delightful skating dancers. They played all afternoon and kept everyone energized and happy. The best entertainment on the trade show floor!

20140820_124053So if you’re in the Meetings & Events industry or planning to enter this business, I strongly recommend you sign up for the educational workshops & seminars or the FREE trade show next year. Watch for dates and news here: http://

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I had the pleasure of meeting young Toronto-based artist LORETTE C. LUZAJIC at this summer’s Toronto Outdoor Art Show and she so impressed me with her energy and bubbly, welcoming personality.  Lorette is no stereotypical angst-ridden artist who needs pain to create…this girl is FUN!  When she told me about her innovative (and super cool) workshops, I knew I had to share the news with you and encourage any Toronto art lovers to join in.  So here’s the scoop…..


Have you  always wanted to get your hands dirty in an artist’s studio but didn’t know where to begin?  Or maybe you love art and want to get more from galleries and openings? Perhaps you’d like to know more and develop confidence to talk about art with others – to ask questions and respond to artwork?  Well, here’s the perfect opportunity to develop your own artistic skills:  join artist LORETTE C. LUZAJIC in her workshop and discover the benefits of participation and creativity. Lorette has two fun workshops in September: Wine and Art and Art for People Who Can’t Draw.

DSC02209 Lorette at work OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith her Idea Factory series, you will engage your creative side in comfortable, informal and intimate group workshops. The special two-tiered class model is uniquely designed to remove pressures and expenses of longer-term course commitments, while providing more benefit than traditional workshops through the chance to review, reflect and return. Participants gather to learn and play, then reconvene a week later. Each workshop consists of two x three hour “play dates” one week apart.
studio with wine If you want to develop your creative side and learn more about art, you’ll be empowered to dive in, explore, experiment and expand. You will leave your inhibitions, limitations and intimidations at home and participate for the sheer joy of creativity.

Visit for more information.


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CEILING, music and lyrics by Sarah Fisher, Derek Hoffman and David Fischer

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 3.41.29 PM

Shot in numerous locations across Toronto, including Bayview Glen School, the video shows how everyone can push through the ceiling and be whoever they want to be in life, and if you want something badly enough, it’s worth working hard for. This philosophy has guided Sarah in her own life, and wanting to share this with others, Sarah was inspired to write this song with music industry pro’s Derek Hoffman and David Fischer.

In the video, the youngsters (students from Bayview Glen) show that you can achieve your dreams and goals when you truly believe in yourself, no matter how young (or old) you are. You can be a skater, a gymnast, you can be a musician, even a great cook…and if you work hard at relationships, those, too, can be successful and happy throughout your life. It reinforces self-respect and kindness, attributes that are rarely incorporated in today’s pop music videos.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 3.40.07 PM

Featured in a very touching scene is an elderly serviceman reminiscing about his glory days in the military; that gentleman is, in fact, Sarah’s grandfather, Judge Hugh Foster, who fought in Normandy during WWII and landed on Juno beach where he lost a leg. When he returned from the war, he entered the legal profession eventually becoming a well-respected judge.

The skater is played by Carley Alison, an 18yr old cancer survivor who certainly pushed through the ceiling big time.  The little fairy princess girl is Sarah Kluge, and the cute-as-a-button dog is Gypsy, who belongs to Sarah’s sister, Kelly.

The inspirational video suggests all the images you see are simply pictures on a ceiling, and Sarah is seen in the closing scenes high atop a ladder putting up a heart.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 3.40.30 PM

 Ceiling is available now on iTunes for just $0.99

If you’re in Toronto this Sunday (July 20) join Sarah at Yonge/Dundas Square for a live performance of Ceiling (approx.8:45pm) on the main stage of YOUTH DAY, a celebration of Canada’s young citizens. She will also be appearing at the Kids Help Phone booth between 5:30-6:30pm for autographs and photo opps (come take a selfie with Sarah). Sarah is the official spokesperson for KHP.

You can also see the Ceiling video at & you can follower Sarah at

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Renowned artist BRUCE K. LAWES ( ) created quite the stir last year when he set up his tent overlooking the Gettysburg battlefield site and painted all the cannons, cavalry charges and infantry skirmishes re-enacted by thousands of Civil War aficionados. 2013 was the 150th anniversary of the legendary battle and Bruce was so inspired that he decided to return again this year to paint another canvas, and just before he leaves Toronto for the July 4th Gettysburg observances, he shared a few thoughts about painting history:

You’re returning to Gettysburg after last year’s 150th anniversary painting trip….what has happened with the Pickett’s Charge painting since you left the battleground last year?
Well, as most people know that were there on the final day of the 150th year reenactment a powerful downpour happened pretty much as the battle of Pickett’s charge was coming to a conclusion. At this time I was at the edge of the battlefield getting a close vantage point of all the action, all the while the painting of Pickett’s Charge I had been working on during the weekend was on display at my tent. By the time I worked my way back to my battlefield studio the rain came down in sheets. Blowing almost horizontally the large painting in the works was like a big sail catching wind and rain to the point of total destruction. I knew there was no point in trying to save the painting so I would have to start again with a fresh outlook.

This year, what have you decided to paint?
As I had many requests for my ‘Pickett’s Charge’ painting while I was working on it last year I decided to start a new composition, entitled, ‘Pickett’s Charge, When Boys Became Men’. This new painting will be featured on this year’s commemorative poster, available to all the guests (see below)

Bruce Lawes- Pickett's Charge poster (Final) 3

Do you find you’re more inspired and energized by being there, watching the reenactments?
For an artist, experiencing any situation up close and personal will always help with the creative process as it puts you back there in the action allowing you to imagine the fear the panic and incredible resolve of these young men.

June 7 #3June 7 #4G'Burg 4

As a “professional observer” of life, how do the park visitors impact your work or working process?
As most artists, including myself, usually work in total seclusion it was a bit unnerving having the 100’s of thousands of visitors watching my progress throughout the weekend, coming back several times to see how much more of the painting was completed. I must say though, like at my studio back home I often would go into a zone and would block out all external influences until a young boy or girl would come up to me in amazement and ask me how I do that? This would bring me back to Earth and realize that being there on these hallowed grounds was a privilege and of great importance.

Are you asked any specific questions while you paint at the battlefield?
Besides the “how do you do that?” from  the young ones, most people seemed to be respectful of my concentration and my brother, Keith, who was acting as my manager would field most questions unless it was specific to my technique. I noticed a few up and coming artists would watch and even take notes as I was working which reminded me of when I first started and was absorbing everything I could from the masters of the day. I think a lot of people just do not know what to ask so they just like to (1)

What inspired you most when you set up your easel and canvas for the first day?
Although I was exhausted from the preparation work leading up to the event and the 7 hour drive from home on only 2 hours sleep I think back and realize the dedication Americans have to their history to come and participate year after year was admirable. While setting up my easel, with the help of an enthusiastic young boy, I then realized at that point I could be starting something special that includes me in on their whole experience. It was that feeling of inclusion, while looking out over the historic battlefield of Gettysburg that gave me pause and the inspiration to be great.

The battle ground is known to be haunted by the ghosts of Union and Confederate soldiers – did you encounter any strange happenings last year while you were there for 4 days?
Although I was aware of the stories of the presence of the soldier’s spirits I never had direct conversations with any of them. I think the fact that I was there to honor them with my work they must have approved of my being there as I was never haunted to this day…

Do you “feel” the vibes of those who lost their lives there?
I guess to be successful in my work I must be channeling the essence from somewhere.…do we ever really know?

What artwork or posters will you be taking with you for sale at the park?  And is there a charitable component to these sales?
Last year’s poster, ‘Brothers in Arms’ (below) and my new release, ‘Pickett’s Charge, When Boys Became Men’ will both be available. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Gettysburg Association Committee who support the preservation and historical organizations they nominate.


Any comments/observations about painting at Gettysburg you’d like to share?
The whole experience has allowed me to meet many new people and I’ve developed some great opportunities since last year, one of which is a painting I created of General Custer (see below) that was accepted in the exclusive Coeur d’Alene auction this July 26th in Reno, Nevada. Lawes- Custer Before the Storm (Coeur d'Alene copy signed in frame) Glenda's copyThinking of heading to Gettysburg next weekend? Check out all the events here:


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My wonderful and talented photographer, Gabriella Luchetta, and her best friend, Sarah Mazzobel (pictured below) have recently launched a super cool healthy lifestyle Instagram initiative called @Recipes4Results.


First suggested by Gabriella’s boyfriend, Adrian, she and Sarah decided to help other people, especially students, with healthy food choices, exercises and activities based on their own daily BFF adventures, using the most cutting edge social media communications. Now their site has a fast-growing following and the girls are expanding their portfolio of recipes that offer quick prep times and affordable ingredients.

“Sarah and I have known each other for 8 years and have always been best friends. We went to middle school and high school together at Villanova College in King City, and now go to the same university, Guelph Humber, and are in the same Media Studies program (we’re now going into our third year).”  states Gabriella. “We have always practiced a healthy lifestyle, and are both obsessed with food, so we decided to share our recipes with people who are looking to create healthy menus for themselves and their families. We find that as university students it’s difficult to eat healthy because it’s so very expensive, so we try to deal with financial restriction when posting suggestions. We love showing people alternative things to do with food at home, and how to eat well.”

IMG_4768 IMG_4862 IMG_5139 IMG_5424

Gabriella and Sarah focus a lot on snacks as they’re both gym rats and go to the gym every day. “We have seen results due to our own healthy eating and we aim to continue to inspire people through our postings and fun observations on everyday life!”

IMG_1234 IMG_5949 IMG_6633


I’m about to put their recommendations to the test so if I can follow their recipes and get results, any brain-dead lab monkey can!

If you don’t have the Instagram app installed on your iPhone or android, you can also follow the girls online at




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It’s been almost 30 years since DEGRASSI HIGH first hit our TV screens and since then, the show has evolved, moving with the times and has included story lines that has addressed the social, emotional and educational issues endured by every kid who ever went through high school. states: this Canadian series tackles big issues like sex, teen pregnancy, sexual identity, drug use, school violence, hate crimes, and mental disorders in a frank, thoughtful way. It presents these subjects as everyday factors in teens’ lives and explores their repercussions through the students’ eyes. This uncensored honesty gives the show credibility beyond that of many of the soapier series available to teens, but at the same time, it creates a classic know-your-kid situation for parents. Some episodes have a far heavier tone than others do, and the amount and type of controversial material varies widely from story to story, so previewing each episode is your best bet. Ultimately, though, this series manages a moral tone without coming off as preachy, which goes a long way in maintaining teens’ interest and earns it a spot among the best, most responsible series out there for teens. The content is edgy but both relevant and appropriate for the target audience.


The latest 21st century incarnation of the show, DEGRASSI, features a talented cast of young actors, one of whom is SARAH FISHER, and I’m please to share this interview I recently undertook with this multi-talented young lady who plays “Becky Baker”.


How old were you when you first performed in front of an audience?
I was twelve when I did my first singing performance. It was actually at my babysitter’s wedding in front of about two hundred and fifty people. I’m surprised she trusted me to be the flower girl as well considering all I put her through (laughs).

Once you realized how much you enjoyed performing, did you want to focus on singing or acting?
Acting actually came as quite a surprise for me, so music was always the focus. I have two vocal coaches: Kim Briggs, who focuses on classical training and Elaine Overholt, who works with me on my pop sound. They are both incredible teachers and I’m very lucky to have them both work so closely with me. Lately I’ve also focused on acting, too. I go to Armstrong Acting Studio in Toronto, and they have taken great care of me and they have helped me grow as an actress. They have incredible teachers and I would recommend the school to anyone interested in going into the business.

How did your parents react when they learnt that you wanted a career in showbiz?
Words cannot express how incredible my parents are. They have believed in me more than anyone, they have always supported me and let me be who I have always been, an artist. I could not have done it without them, and I really mean that. They are the reason I am so happy every day because I get to do what I love to do and have them with me every step of the way. I love my parents so much.

Do you play any instruments, and if so which ones?
I play piano, it took a while because of scales, but I’ve really fallen in love with the instrument. I played flute in grade 8 and got way too light headed to continue, then I played drums in grade 12.

You took classical voice training, yes? Tell us about your choice to focus on pop music for now?
I have been trained classically since I started voice lessons at the age of 11. I have been exploring my pop sound because I wanted to feel more comfortable singing pop songs and I never wanted to strain my voice. I wanted to be able to sing pop songs in a way that’s healthy for me while adding my classical sound to it as well. Plus the music I write has a pop sound to it.

Do you maintain a vocal training regime or classes?
I have classical training once a week and pop training every other week. I think it is so important to always continue working on your craft (I know that sounds cheesy) but I believe everyone should always continue growing and learning.

Apart from Degrassi, have we seen you in any other TV shows or films?
You will see me shortly (I believe) in a film called Lost After Dark. I had so much fun! Even though in one of my scenes before we were shooting, I was in a patch of long grass and couldn’t see my feet, and I felt something bite me. So I tried to tough it out and be professional but I’ve never run faster in my entire life…I was standing in a wasp nest!

How do you relate to “Becky” and what parts of Sarah do you bring to the role?
I think one of the main things I’m always asked is, “how are you so happy all the time?” (laughs). Becky is known on the show as ‘little miss sunshine’ and I can definitely say the smiles are all real. I love what I do and I am so thankful for that. I wouldn’t say I’m as stubborn as Becky, but because that’s not reality for me, it’s really fun to play.


How many more seasons do you see Becky being on Degrassi – when does she graduate?
I’m not sure! I wish the actors knew first but we don’t – she is technically in grade 12 this year, Season 14, but I would definitely not be upset if she failed school and stayed another year (grins).

You are currently recording some great pop singles and filming a music video – can you share anything about those or are they all super secret right now?
They are SUPER SECRET! But I will say the studio is one of my favourite places to be, I really could live there. Making music is such an amazing experience and I can’t WAIT to share it with you guys!


Anything you’d like to share with your fans?
You guys are so incredible! You are always so sweet and supportive and I love talking with you guys and getting to know you all. I respond to as many emails, tweets, Facebook posts as I can and I really appreciate all of your support. You guys are all fantastic – follow your dreams, I really mean that because every single one of you is special and brilliant and creative!


Sarah is the national spokesperson for the KIDS HELP PHONE and frequently participates in fundraising events for kids and teen-focused charities and causes – she will be appearing at Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square on Sunday July 20th for YOUTH DAY.

If you’d like to meet Sarah, she will be making a special personal appearance at the TORONTO HORSE DAY on Saturday June 7th, down at Toronto’s Exhibition Place (at the Horse Palace). She’s be there between 11am and 1:30pm and at approx. 1:15pm she’ll be leading the kids in a “stick pony” parade in the main ring. Should be fun and if you love horses, like Sarah, this is the place to be. And it’s FREE!


Follow Sarah at:  or  @SarahFisher28





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Yesterday, Saturday May 31, I had the pleasure of attending the “Season Opener” family event at the picturesque COUNTRY HERITAGE PARK in Milton, just west of Toronto.

20140531_125935Lots of local vendors and foodies set up camp, and event organizer, SHELLEY HARMER, and her delightful friendly volunteer crew welcomed visitors for a day of sunshine, musical entertainment and interactive games for everyone. I had been told about the event by SAM OTTAVIANO of EMG CANADA who was showcasing a number of his artists on stage so after some discussions, I suggested an appearance by music professional, MICHAEL WILLIAMS (founding VJ of MuchMusic, now journalist for Cashbox Canada magazine and concert promoter) to help host the concert stage. Photos below: singer KRIS MONICO (left) with Sam (right) setting up the EMG tent, and artists mingle at the beer tent (of course!) with MICHAEL WILLIAMS

20140531_123704(0) 20140531_123711 20140531_142903 20140531_142912

I enjoyed the deelish treats from EDIBLE DELIGHTS (  in particular the yummy sausage rolls (below)…

20140531_141249 20140531_141258 20140531_141520

…and invited Michael over to taste the wicked gluten-free cupcakes and cookies – I had to have one of the giant moose cookies and it was amazing.

20140531_141530 20140531_141954

Shelley took time away from running the show to pose for pics with Kris and Michael (below)

20140531_143341 20140531_145234

And I played hooky from all the festivities when Michael’s charming lady, Jill, suggested we take a walk around the entire park which is 80+ acres of rolling meadows, historical buildings, vintage farm equipment and vehicles, orchards and a huge barn that is now a stunning rustic event venue.

20140531_124101 20140531_125315 20140531_125041 20140531_140830 20140531_122824

One of the barn buildings housed an incredible collection of farm equipment and vintage tractors – I was fascinated. I recommend parents introducing their kids to Canada’s farming history with a guided visit……

20140531_124252 20140531_124304 20140531_124326 20140531_124356 20140531_124402 20140531_124421

There was also a giant water wheel used to create power…

20140531_125458 20140531_125512

…and I loved the old gas station equipment, too (below).


Nestled at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment, along west-bound highway 401 & the Hwy 25 exit you’ll find Country Heritage Park. Visit their website to see what exciting events are on their calendar:  or call 1-888-307-3276

Upcoming cool events include: Teddy Bear Picnic (June 14), Gadsden’s summer antique fair (July 12), Antique Tractor & Toy Show with “super tractor pull” (July 18-20), a real-life Pirate festival (Aug.2-4), Heavy Horse Field Days (Aug 9-10) and an American Civil War Re-enactment (Aug. 23-24).

If you’re into steam engines, tractors or the “steam punk” movement, you mustn’t miss Steam Era Days over the Labour Day weekend (Aug 29-Sept.1).


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