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MURANO GLASS, the fabulous art from Venice’s historic island of craftsmen

My friends at Gallery 36 in Yorkville (Toronto) invited me over yesterday to check out their ever-growing collection of stunning art glass from the island of Murano, home to some of Italy’s greatest crafstpeople. In this cozy boutique gallery you will find breathtaking pieces from glass “masters” such as Rossi, Alfiero, Medici, Russo, Bellisio, Mercato and others, in all shapes, sizes and a rainbow of colours.

20150314_145320I found some functional bowls and vases as well as sculptures of animals, birds, even festive crustaceans!

20150314_145118 20150314_145157 20150314_145921 20150314_145342I had a chuckle when I spied these cheeky kitty-cats (below)

20150314_145814 20150314_145832and all the other wee glassy beasties….

20150314_145751 20150314_145925 20150314_155513Gallery owner Trevor was busy changing the window display so a snapped him hard at work…

20150314_145524 20150314_145520…. and dusting his friend, the zaftig bronze ballerina (below). I just love her!

20150314_145421The gallery is chock-a-block full of wonderful and affordable pieces suitable for your mansion, apartment, loft or basement hide-away.

20150314_155445 20150314_155500Just look at these bowls and the intricate art found inside each…

20150314_145213 20150314_145632 20150314_155428 20150314_155434The glass is created using the “lampwork” technique – made from Silica which becomes liquid once it reaches an extremely high temperature. As it starts to harden, the “glass” is still soft enough to allow the artisan to shape the materials. You can see the amazing results of this all around you at Gallery 36. I recommend popping in and I’m sure you will find something that fits your home and your wallet. And say hi from me.

20150314_145122 20150314_155413


92  Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2H2  T: (416) 962-7636  http://www.gallery36.ca

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This year, we welcomed a new neighbour – GALLERY 36 – to Hazelton Lanes, the exclusive shopping mall in the heart of Toronto’s chic shopping destination, Yorkville.

20131218_181105Featuring an eclectic range of paintings, sculptures, bronzes and contemporary glass, even the gallery’s display stands are stunning art pieces.  One of my favourites is the one with elephant and lion marble pedestals (below). 20131218_190557Gallery 36 represents talented int’l artists such as Istvan who my best friend has started collecting – see below

20131218_181054 20131218_181217

I personally feel very attracted to the colourful glass pieces from Murano, Venice. Check out these exquisite little numbers that are both affordable and fun.

20131218_190525 20131218_190655 20131218_190726 20131218_190336

And then we have the stunning Sergio Rossi “Seaform” line – such gorgeous statement pieces for any home or office.

20131218_190640 20131218_190646

The gallery is presided over by tiny canine goddess, Diamond, who makes sure all the visitors view every single piece.


Diamond introduced me to one of her favourite large format pieces, a giant Warhol-esque Barbra Streisand. Wouldn’t Babs look great welcoming guests in your hallway? LOL


One of my favourite new pieces at the gallery is this one by the late Italian/American painter Pino Daeni (1939-2010)20131218_181038




Thank you so much to Trevor and Violeta last night for hosting an impromptu wine and cheese, and celebrating the end of a very artful year at Gallery 36.  Drop in and say hello – www.Gallery36.ca Shops at Hazelton Lanes, 87 Avenue Road, Toronto.


20131218_190540 20131218_19062520131218_181149

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