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MURANO GLASS, the fabulous art from Venice’s historic island of craftsmen

My friends at Gallery 36 in Yorkville (Toronto) invited me over yesterday to check out their ever-growing collection of stunning art glass from the island of Murano, home to some of Italy’s greatest crafstpeople. In this cozy boutique gallery you will find breathtaking pieces from glass “masters” such as Rossi, Alfiero, Medici, Russo, Bellisio, Mercato and others, in all shapes, sizes and a rainbow of colours.

20150314_145320I found some functional bowls and vases as well as sculptures of animals, birds, even festive crustaceans!

20150314_145118 20150314_145157 20150314_145921 20150314_145342I had a chuckle when I spied these cheeky kitty-cats (below)

20150314_145814 20150314_145832and all the other wee glassy beasties….

20150314_145751 20150314_145925 20150314_155513Gallery owner Trevor was busy changing the window display so a snapped him hard at work…

20150314_145524 20150314_145520…. and dusting his friend, the zaftig bronze ballerina (below). I just love her!

20150314_145421The gallery is chock-a-block full of wonderful and affordable pieces suitable for your mansion, apartment, loft or basement hide-away.

20150314_155445 20150314_155500Just look at these bowls and the intricate art found inside each…

20150314_145213 20150314_145632 20150314_155428 20150314_155434The glass is created using the “lampwork” technique – made from Silica which becomes liquid once it reaches an extremely high temperature. As it starts to harden, the “glass” is still soft enough to allow the artisan to shape the materials. You can see the amazing results of this all around you at Gallery 36. I recommend popping in and I’m sure you will find something that fits your home and your wallet. And say hi from me.

20150314_145122 20150314_155413


92  Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2H2  T: (416) 962-7636  http://www.gallery36.ca

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A Visit to Westmount Galleries, Toronto – what stunning artwork!

I recently spent a delightful couple of hours enjoying the fine art exhibited at WESTMOUNT GALLERY in the west end of Toronto.  What a stunning display of Canadian and int’l artists who work in various mediums, and I found so many that I truly loved, I need to start buying lottery tickets to feed my new addiction.   Here are some examples of my favourite pieces….

20140823_114447 20140823_114109 20140823_113748 20140823_110150 20140823_110234

I adore this charming barnyard portrait of a blue rooster titled “Chickenizer” by Tim Hough

Blue cockerill

and these lovely miniatures of Victorian English seaside working ponies…

20140823_114500 20140823_114505

Speaking of horses, I found a few equine masterworks by award-winning artist (and client) Bruce K. Lawes including this stunning portrait of racing’s legendary mare, Zenyata (bottom).  www.bklawesart.com

20140823_105601 20140823_105936 20140823_105945

I also happen to love moo cows, too. Whenever I visit the country, I can usually call up the cows from far across fields and meadows…it’s a cool talent I have, calling cows!  This lovely lady (below) definitely needs to come home with me so I’m calling her now as I sit and type this story. Here cow cow cow……


There were some lovely seascapes by Robert Amirault that I sat and stared at for some time…I could almost hear the waves crashing on the shore.

20140823_110021 20140823_110059

There truly is something for every taste and bank account at Westmount Gallery and I was particularly thrilled to see a lovely landscape by one of my newest fave artists, Anthony Batten. His Newfoundland cottages are at the bottom of this set of photos….what do you think? Wouldn’t you just love to visit this down east fishing village?

20140823_114156 20140823_114328 20140823_105725 20140823_105859 20140823_105904 20140823_114054 20140823_110747 20140823_110013 20140823_110112 20140823_110250 20140823_110050 20140823_112559

The charming and knowledge gallery President is Judy Smith who presides over this “Disneyland” for art enthusiasts. She kindly posed for me in her office surrounded by some amazing paintings and sculptures. The woodland scene with deer takes up the entire wall to the left of her desk…it was so big, I could’t snap the whole thing. What a lovely view from her desk chair.

20140823_112932 20140823_112951 20140823_112916

When you enter the gallery, you’re met by a giant bronze heron …


…and when I was leaving by the side door, I noticed these delightful small originals of Toronto cityscapes.


Thank you to Judy, her husband Murray and the friendly gallery staff who made me feel so welcome. http://www.westmountgallery.com

20140823_105645 20140823_105730 20140823_105815 20140823_105824 20140823_111049

Come up and see us sometime!


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After 50 years of supporting The National Ballet of Canada, the 99 Yorkville Avenue store PAPER THINGS will be closing its doors when the current lease expires at the end of September….but they are going out in style! The once fancy-schmancy stationery, greeting cards and gift store has been converted into a stunning gallery space and this evening they are launching a fabulous show and sale of artwork presented by The Volunteer Committee,  The National Ballet of Canada.


I dropped in for a brief chat with artist and store/gallery director, Echo Railton, this afternoon and she kindly escorted me around the wonderful airy space and intro’d me to some artists I had not previously known. Wow, what beautiful (and affordable) works of art, featuring stunning photography from around the world, oils, acrylics, watercolours, sculptures, even a few delicate mobiles hanging from the ceiling.  Here are a few examples of the works on show that you might want to add to your collection…..

My favourites have to be Tony Batten‘s stunning canvases (below) portraying elegant, peaceful French cafe-scapes.  You can almost imagine yourself sitting there sipping a cuppa latte, inhaling the fragrant lavender and listening to the birds sing……

20140807_133724 20140807_133810 20140807_134053 20140807_134122 20140807_134153

The Toronto-based artist is represented in Windsor Castle’s Royal Collection and his work is also held privately by HM The Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales. Tony’s work is in the collections of The Government of Ontario, the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Vancouver’s Museum of the Pacific and the City of Toronto among others. His large canvas of Newfoundland (below) is particularly spectacular…what do you think?


I also loved the small still-life originals (below) by Guelph-based Janette Hayhoe. Each one offers a glimpse of everyday life from our homes, our kitchens….all lovingly executed and framed beautifully. At $300 each, I can see collectors snapping up 3 or 4 at a time.

20140807_133147 20140807_133158

There are some beautiful B&W photos (below) of  ballerinas taken by former  principal dancer of  The National Ballet of Canada Vanessa Harwood and Bruce Zinger who is one of The National Ballet of Canada’s regular photographers that made me wish I’d kept up my ballet classes as a young girl…but I opted for tap instead and spent way too many years clomping about thinking I was going to be the next Ginger Rogers. Obviously that didn’t work out for me!

20140807_134306 20140807_133123

The multi-talented Echo (pictured below) has a number of pieces in the gallery, too, and I love this piece which is on a sheet of metal and shows a special bee native to Florida as he gathers his pollen from a colourful array of flowers.


Here are a few more examples of the work on display and all the artists’ profiles can be found on the Paper Things website listed at the end of this blog post.

20140807_133140 20140807_133427 20140807_133305 20140807_133255 20140807_133647

You will also see this beautiful, delicate tutu designed by Linda Lundstrom in collaboration with the Volunteer Committee, The National Ballet of Canada, which is part of their TUTU PROJECT, a curated celebration of the National Ballet’s 60th anniversary. The tutu featured here is made up of  costume material from each of the productions sponsored by The Volunteer Committee for the Company. You can find out more about the project here: http://www.national.ballet.ca

20140807_133558 20140807_133613 20140807_133628

Originally housed in The Colonnade on Bloor St West in the 60’s and in its present location on Yorkville Ave since 1973, Paper Things has contributed over $2 million to The National Ballet of Canada since opening. Bravo!

There are 2 other special receptions for the show apart from this evening’s opening soiree that runs 4-8pm. You can also attend a reception on Thurs. Sept. 4th and the closing night Wed. Sept, 24th. http://www.paperthings.ca

Thank you for your warm hospitality, ladies, and good luck with the show.  Here’s Echo, below centre, with the friendly store volunteers Lorna (L) and Therese (R)


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This year, we welcomed a new neighbour – GALLERY 36 – to Hazelton Lanes, the exclusive shopping mall in the heart of Toronto’s chic shopping destination, Yorkville.

20131218_181105Featuring an eclectic range of paintings, sculptures, bronzes and contemporary glass, even the gallery’s display stands are stunning art pieces.  One of my favourites is the one with elephant and lion marble pedestals (below). 20131218_190557Gallery 36 represents talented int’l artists such as Istvan who my best friend has started collecting – see below

20131218_181054 20131218_181217

I personally feel very attracted to the colourful glass pieces from Murano, Venice. Check out these exquisite little numbers that are both affordable and fun.

20131218_190525 20131218_190655 20131218_190726 20131218_190336

And then we have the stunning Sergio Rossi “Seaform” line – such gorgeous statement pieces for any home or office.

20131218_190640 20131218_190646

The gallery is presided over by tiny canine goddess, Diamond, who makes sure all the visitors view every single piece.


Diamond introduced me to one of her favourite large format pieces, a giant Warhol-esque Barbra Streisand. Wouldn’t Babs look great welcoming guests in your hallway? LOL


One of my favourite new pieces at the gallery is this one by the late Italian/American painter Pino Daeni (1939-2010)20131218_181038




Thank you so much to Trevor and Violeta last night for hosting an impromptu wine and cheese, and celebrating the end of a very artful year at Gallery 36.  Drop in and say hello – www.Gallery36.ca Shops at Hazelton Lanes, 87 Avenue Road, Toronto.


20131218_190540 20131218_19062520131218_181149

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Had a great time this evening visiting with gallery owner & artist MARK GLEBERZON (pictured) 20130919_192411who has just relocated his original Cabbagetown gallery to a cool new space at 1028 Queen St East in Riverdale.

img164 img165Mark’s gallery is chock-a-block full of interesting multi-media pieces by many of Toronto’s coolest, cutting-edge artists. Many of their works are now on my Christmas list (I’m hoping Santa has developed his artistic tastes and knows what will look good on my walls!)

Ran into several friends there and my artist client, Carolyn Megill and her husband, Rick, also joined me in congratulating Mark on his new venture. Below are some shots of the reception – sorry, I was not able to get all the artists names so if you see something you like, I suggest you go visit Mark in person. Linda DeLuca’s awesome version of the “Marlborough Man” is featured as are some of Mark’s own work – check out his cool Chrysler Building as well as his wonderfully weird “Kookaburra in a Shadow Box”. Apparently he also has a platypus so all you Aussie art fans…go check ’em out! He also has a strange 2-headed calf taxidermy holding court in the centre of the gallery – hello, Ripley’s!!

No website as yet but you can follow Mark on Facebook.













20130919_192630 20130919_185955 20130919_190029 20130919_190102 20130919_190409


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